Monday, March 16, 2009

SHAME on DALC's Plagiarism

Shame on an institution that charges people a premium for Cambridge courses that are simply copied from the internet. See how DALC lifted the TQM prospectus below. This is in the second paragraph of the TQM post graduate diploma prospectus.

The Cambridge Post Graduate Diploma in Total Quality Management focuses on the management culture, philosophy, practices, and processes necessary to develop a total quality orientation. The course bridges quantitative, behavioural, and strategic
concepts for designing organizations to be dynamic, integrated systems whose
outputs are monitored for quality and continuous improvement. Attention is given
to such topics as communication, leadership, teamwork and small group processes,
and organizational change. Emphasis is placed on the development of theoretical
and empirical skills in understanding the management of quality in

Paste that onto google and you find that that was lifted from Al Yamamah Electronic Community.

I can't believe KTN will be airing the CLASS TOMORROW. Maybe they should give their investigative journalists some tips on how to use google!! But then, they love DALC's money.


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