Friday, March 27, 2009


DALC does not take it kindly when you change your mind about the courses and choose to pull out. The email below is from one frustrated student who paid the money and did not attend any classes as she realised immediately that she had made a mistake and realised that the last thing DALC would do is refund money. Her quest for a refund was a long and painfull one and this should serve as a warning to those who pay the monies in advance.

When the rug will be pulled from under the will be left clutching to the air as DALC clutches ever so tightly to your money. You have been warned

From: Lucy: BB Kenya
Sent: 14 July 2008 08:44
Subject: RE:Fees refund request; Lucy


Dear Dr Obora,

I have been to your offices severally requesting a full refund on a payment done to your BBK account for kshs 17,000.00 dated 26.02.2008.

This amount was in relation to Tuition: kshs 10,000, Library fees: kshs 1,000.00, Computer usage: Kshs 1,000.00, and registration: kshs 5,000.00(letter attached for ease of reference).

After several conversations with your Ms Kanyae, she adviced me to collect a cheque for kshs 12,000.00, this I was adviced was what the board had agreed to refund.

Considering that I was not registered with Dalc, l'm at a loss to understand why l would be penalised a registration fee of kshs 5,000.00, and the name Lucy  does not appear on your records as a student of DALC. 

I requested Ms Kanyae for an audience with your board, to attempt to put my point across, that l was being penalised unjustly, to date she has not come back to me, even after numerous phone calls.

Prior to e-mail below from yourselves, the only communication l  have exchanged with DALC was with the admin officer.

Thus my request on a full refund of the amount banked on 26.02.2008 of kshs 17,000.00, as per my letter dated 12.03.2008(attached). 

Kindly advice.





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