Thursday, March 5, 2009


Strange White Men (Usually in gowns)

Who are these men that DALC presents to people during its graduations and other events? You do not question since they are white but we do. Put google into some good use and find out!!

Sandhu Hardeep Singh

Kempe Hans Joachim

Gagne Micfhael

The UK connection

Everything is UK here. You must feel very lucky to be a student of the OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE limited ompanies that not really exist. The Knightly logos on the prospectus and websites have gotten you all convinced and you proudly tell people that you are a student of OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE and you probably dream or graduating at the prestigious UK university. Congratulations, you are a most gullible person and you would probably give you life savings to a hungry pastor to double it for you.

  • Documentation-All documentation bears some strange logo with the words Cambridge/Oxford nest to it. Prospectus, course notes, CAT papers, websites everything at DALC comes with a UK logo to boot. People naturally think that the admission form is sent to the UK and the admission letter sent from the UK because they see the logos. Newsflash, any jerk with a good HP laser printer can do 60 CAM/OXIM admission letters in an hour. WakeUP
  • Job Adverts- A DALC job advert is long winded and goes to lengths to say that students IDs come from UK. Why would a job seeker need to know where the student IDs come from? If Safaricom stated where the Staff IDs are made in a job advert, would that be bizarre? Well DALC tells job seekers where its student IDs are made, in case they did not know!
  • Certificates- UK.UK. UK. I say again that you can do those certificates with a good laser printer. All you need is a logo and Cambridge Association of Whatever-I-Wanna-Call-It address with a shared UK fax number and email address.
  • IDs- Why do these come from the UK? Is this an attempt to copy cat genuine UK qualifications like ACCA, ABE? Let me remind you of a student meeting in 2007 where students complained that they had no ID's and put Oborah to task. Well, the ID's were ready in four days . During that period, Emily(Oborah's secretary) told us that the ID printing was stressing her because some students photos were getting lost, mixed up etc. She later called centre managers to ensure that they sent the right photos for the IDs.
  • English Sounds- Cambridge, Oxford, European Business School. Irish International University, Quality Assurance Commission UK etc. The proprietor also studied and worked in the UK and as a result speaks in an English Accent. Well that is the sinker that you swallow after the hook and line. His pronunciation is suspect despite his effort to speak out of his nose like the English do. I particularly dislike the way he pronounces DEGREE as DIIGIRII. Diction bwana Oborah! but to most people, he speaks with an English twang so there must be an English connection. Maybe he practised with one of those British Comedy TApes.


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