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The most important thing is that the qualifications are so recognized (i.e registered by Kenya Goverment through Ministry of Education and Commission for Higher Education) and thus the said  UPGRADES, THROUGH CREDIT TRANSFERS, ARE GUARANTEED in most universities as long as you pass all the modules (i.e achieve 50%).
Why is it a lie? DALC was accredited to teach only two courses and the understanding was that the students would be getting a DALC Diploma. As we all know, DALC is giving Kenyans a raw deal by claiming that the CAM/OXIM courses are accredited and recognised. DALC has been around for a while and still not even one student has left DALC and successfully transfered their credits to a legit university. Do you know anyone?  The only thing DALC guarantees you is waste. Money and time.
Upgrades of Cambridge or Oxford diplomas (through credit transfers) to  bachelors or masters degrees are at the discretion of the awarding universities. It is further gratifying to note that very high profile universities recognize the Cambridge (CAM) and Oxford (OXIM) diplomas hence ease, and guarantee, of these upgrades in most universities in UK or locally
Why is it a lie? DALC makes all sorts of claims and never bothers to give the necessary evidence. If high profile universities acknowledge their courses, why do they have to remain anonymous? Would a legit University recognise unaccredited qualifications? The promise that MOST universities accept you is totally fraudulent and should be investigated by all who study at DALC. Mark my words, those DIPLOMAS ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY AN ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY ANYWHERE. SEND US AN EMAIL WHEN YOU FIND ONE.
All marking and certifications are done in Cambridge or Oxford (UK). Once you qualify, your transcripts or /and certificates will be received directly from Cambridge or Oxford. It therefore means that there is no difference between a student studying locally and that in UK since the assessment is done uniformly.This ensures the much-needed quality assurance and international acceptance
Why is it a liE?  THE LIES keep coming thick and fast. Kenyans love anything made in UK and will forget that even if the certificates came from the UK or Andorra, the important thing is the awarding body. Oborah prints everything here and he used to burn all the case studies students presented. These days it is easier for him as the students send the projects as soft copies. When DALC claims "there's no difference between a student studying locally and that in UK", it creates an illusion that CAM/OXIM have students in the UK which is an outright lie. CAM does not even exist!!
In addition to The British Council Library we have our elaborate Resource Centres at all campuses.
Why is it a liE?  British Council cannot stand Oborah. They once disowned him in a newspaper ad.They have no ties with the man but he just cannot help lying about this imaginary association. Probably it helps DALC look British with Cambridge/Oxford written all over the college and now the British Council. Take time off and enquire at British Council opposite Rahimtulla towers at upper hill.

There are in-house staff training programmes which are dedicated to those who deal directly with students enquiries.Teaching staff have a special "teachers and trainers" update programme which is dedicated to teaching staff on how pass their vast knowledge to another. There are exchange programmes where tutors from overseas come home to interact with local tutors. Our tutors also travel overseas for similar exchange programmes.

Why is it a liE? HAHAHAHAH. DALC TUTORS interact with international tutors to exchange knowledge and even travel overseas on exchange programmes!! They also posses vast knowledge which they exchange. Outlandish! DALC tutors would only go to the UK  for an exchange programme if :
a)CAM/OXIM exist- they dont
b)CAM/OXIM are colleges- Oborah says they are not
c)Oborah cares for staff welfare - he doesn't
d) The staff would get VISAs- they wouldn't 
It seems to me that DALC is totally averse to the truth. Check out the DALC page of lies.


  • Not only in DALC are Students and Parents are fleeced off their hard earned money, but equally at the East African Chartered Institute (EACI), Amedo Centre , 2nd floor in Bungoma ; Myanga Campus ; Kmaeti campus; Nzoia sugar rehema campus; Great lakes aviation college (Mombasa); and South Sudan Juba Campus. The EACI vigorously goes unnoticed by affected parties of the so "prestigious CAM and OXIM Diploma Certificates" and averagely in every week issue advertises them in the Weekly Citizen Newspaper.

    Who will pass this message to them?

    Going through the DALC website , , who is who window, most of the students (military, insurance, mosoriot teachers, a banker,ketepa, finlays - Kericho, e.t.c)who were my year mates abandoned ship before it sank but are continuing students. Phew! seek another lie on your face.

    Currently my supposedly Graduate diploma in Project Management is seeking "mitigation measures with the stake holders for validity" in my cupboard as it has been vehemently declined my employer.

    March 23, 2009 at 12:58 PM

  • The same applies to the staff list. Only two of the staff on that list are currently at the institution. I met my former lectures in town the other day and he told me he knew that it was fake all the while he taught us. He had bills to pay so he played along. I wonder if the tutors know the truth but they just hang in there to pay their rent until they find another job.

    March 23, 2009 at 9:49 PM

  • where the fuck do you get all these things from,you say that cambridge and oxford association of management doe not exist then what would you say about this link and then you can continue spreading whatever you are saying

    April 4, 2009 at 6:07 PM

  • I guess to you, a website is proof of existense. I guess that makes you a moron too. Just a thought.

    April 4, 2009 at 6:24 PM

  • You think having a website proves anything.where do you live.get with the times can get a website in a day for your information.daftness in real life.

    April 5, 2009 at 2:08 PM

  • LOL at anonymous with the link for Cambridge. You have a lot to learn.

    April 6, 2009 at 11:23 AM

  • Welcome to DALC

    The Dublin Adult Learning Centre is an adult basic education centre based in Dublin's north inner city. The centre provides individual and group tuition in reading, writing and spelling for adults with reading and writing difficulties. The service provided is free and confidential.

    DALC is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and is funded by the Department of Education and Science, City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee, Department of Community and Family Affairs, FAS and Area Development Management (ADM). It has a board of directors and a management committee made up of representatives from the local community, corporate sector, City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee and staff and students from the centre.
    Mission Statement

    The Dublin Adult Learning Centre provides basic education services to ensure that everyone in the inner city has the opportunity to avail of their right to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.
    DALC's definition of adult basic education

    Basic education is the means by which adults, lacking confidence in their literacy levels, develop reading, writing, personal and interpersonal skills using methods, which are learner-centred, creative and participative. It aims to enable adults to enhance their lives by exploring new possibilities and initiating constructive change.

    Number of learners attending the centre Approximately 600
    7 Full-time staff
    27 Part-time staff
    13 Tutor hours


    April 14, 2009 at 11:01 AM

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