Tuesday, March 17, 2009


What is a college that is accredited to offer only 2 diplomas doing offering PhD programmes? Is DALC an agent for some international universities? According to the DALC website..

If you are interested in an Mphil/DBA/ PhD or any other doctoral programme, you
need to know that we do not offer them but we can refer you to universities that would help you do this.
The universities would usually require the following:
A brief overview of your proposal or the full proposal of your research.

Your proposal should include: Why you wish to do the research,
expected sources of data, and potential beneficiaries of your research.

As usual, the deal is too good and fools would be quick to buy this fake gold . Read below and see how DALC BAITS you with a deal that sounds too good to believe. You can do the PhD without the masters degree!!!

A lot of importance is attached to work experience and in some cases you may be
allowed to a doctoral programme on the basis of postgraduate and / or
professional qualifications even if you do not have a masters degree as
long as you can prove that you have exceptional skills and research base for the
area considered.
Such persons without a masters degree may be required to do
a “Select and Focused Coursework” while on research for the doctoral


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