Tuesday, March 17, 2009

THE Commission for Higher Education INSIDE MAN?

Perhaps the reason why DALC has not closed down is because they have such a strong influence on the Commision for Higher Education. The CHE has two commisioners who have been consistently attending DALC's events. TODAY we take a look at a man who is has been the face of CHE for DALC.

Mr. Joel M. Mberia Deputy Commission Secretary, BEd. (Nairobi), MEd. (Leeds)

Ironically he has shared the stage with men who run international unaccredited institutions and own bogus accreditation agencies such Hans KEmpe and Hardeep Sandhu. Does he appear in personal capacity or on behalf of the CHE? Oborah always makes sure to introduce him as The Commisioner from CHE.


  1. When DALC were launching their CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD courses in 2006, he was there. See below extreme left of the picture.

2. At the 2008 DALC graduation he was there. I remember he said that DALC was accredited in only two courses and then sat through the Graduation ceremony where all sorts of Diplomas were awarded. These included Actuarial Science, Environmental studies among other courses. He was there when it happened yet he works for a commision whose job is to protect us from rogue education institutions!

3. When DALC underwent an inspection by the CHE to determine the viability of the courses. He was there!! Too many appearances by this man if you ask me. DALC was awarded the CHE letter shortly thereafter and has gone on to hoodwink Kenyans that its CAM/OXIM courses are accredited by CHE yet the two (CAM/OXIM ) do not even exist!! He has seen these adverts just like we see him below with fellow CHE people inspecting DALC .

4. Finally, Joel M. Mberia's son works at DALC. WE don't make stuff up so you better believe it. Isn't that a conflict of interest right there? Well he doesn't see anything wrong with that and unless the lad was fired today, he works at DALC. All these appearances and employment of his son at DALC for his son points to a partnership of sorts. TELL us Mr. Mberia.

The Commision for Higher Education fellas can grow fat and lazy and perhaps one of them will stumble upon this blog and decide to act. In the meantime, warn Kenyans who might fall into this DALC trap and if you know someone at Standard Group who can hear, tell them to carry out an independent investigation.
Today, THE CLASS CONTINUES and KTN pocket a fat cheque as gullible Kenyans get useless diplomas from DALC and the STANDARD GROUP announces robust growth in its profit. What CRAP!
During Oborah's presentation with the cavalier of hope medal, do you remeber a bespectacled man who made an entry and was quickly ushered to the high table where DALMAS OTIENO and GIDEON MOI were sitting. He was introduced as ....drums....Mr. Joel M. Mberia Deputy Commission Secretary, Commision for Higher Education. Well that is one twist because Oborah was receiving his cavalier of (insert award here) medal and professorship from the unaccredited European Academy of Informatisation and sitting on the same table was a man from the commission for higher education. What does the CHE have to say about that?


  • Evans Mugambi, this is the mans son,

    March 18, 2009 at 1:05 AM

  • Whoever is writing this shit should be very careful of what they are saying because you could land into serious shit.The person writing all this things is known and shock on you wen tha wrath of an angry man catches up with u.

    March 18, 2009 at 8:06 AM

  • Threats threats threats if you know them why dont you name them the same way they are naming you

    March 18, 2009 at 11:14 AM

  • Instead of the person who made the second comment issuinf threats he should consider answering these questions,

    Tell them that the examination bodies CAM/OXIM do not exist
    Tell them that the money they pay for Examinations does not go to the UK but to your pockets
    Tell them that you and your wife print the certificates to save costs
    Tell them that CAM/OXIM are not accredited anywhere
    Tell them that the CHE has never accredited CAM/OXIM courses
    Tell them that the staff who teach them are CAM diploma holders
    Tell them that you have a fake Professorship from WIDU, that you did not go to Cambridge university as you have previously claimed
    Tell them that there are no real intellectuals at DALC but you prefer to work with half wits like the Westlands CM and the other Kericho layabout.
    Tell them how you harass female staff
    TEll them about the high staff turnover
    Tell them that the courses are accredited by QAC which is a fake accreditation body
    Tell the that accreditation for 150 course is still pending
    Tell them that you have been helping DALC students get degrees from Irish International University and European Business School which are all fake.
    Tell them that there are alot of people questioning DALC
    Tell them that the career forecasting thing is a bunch of hogwash
    Tell them those CAmbridge University pictures on your prospectus are downloaded from the internet and have no real connection to those institutions.
    Tell them the registration letters and IDs coming from the UK is another of your many lies
    Show them all the foolish bulletins you posted last year (especially the WIDU ones)
    Tell them that your associates Sandhu and Kempe run international Diploma Mills
    Tell them that DALC Education will soon be under scrutiny of the CHE board
    Tell them that DAVY KOECH who was removed from KEMRI for many scandals, is the chairman of DALC!

    March 18, 2009 at 2:27 PM

  • We tell the truth at all times and have no fear for Oborah's wrath like the rest of you chickens do. He should be locked up and we have no fear when we tell Kenyans that Oborah is defrauding them because he is and we can prove it. I suggest you start a blog and name us. In your blog you can also try and find dubious things we have ever done and highlight them for the world to see. In the meantime, we will wash Oborah's undies in public till the world knows what kind of filth he is hiding there.
    Save your threats for other lowlife and DALC FOOLS and get yourself a proper education!!

    March 18, 2009 at 6:21 PM

  • And while oborah is issuing so many threats he must know that so many of his past employees, pple he did not pay, pple he sexualy harasd read and comment on this blog.
    Take me for example, i used to work at chiromo and week after week he'd call me to meet him at soin. There he'd take me to the basement, pretending that he needs us to pick his car(parked there) so we can drive to E&C. Then once there he'd plead with me to slip wit him over the wknd, he'd promise to take me out of twn wen i said i had a boyfee. I pity Faith coz numerous times,as he pleaded with me, he wld tel me to pity him as he is married to 'A FOOL WHO CANNOT SUCK DICK!'

    eventualy, wen i cldnt give in, he fired me, sighting non-existant mistakes n didnt pay my last salary!

    So Mr. Oborah, sue and sue today as we are so many waitin to meet u in court. Remember that day u fondled my thighs in ur Range. I stil recal ur words, 'THE MOST BORING THING IS A WIFE WHO DOES NOT KNW SHE'S BORING!' what say u nw oborah!?

    January 7, 2010 at 4:41 AM

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