Wednesday, March 25, 2009


People, the future according to Oborah's crystal ball is so bleak, I piss myself when I think of it. Just kidding there but Oborah has the following devastating predictions for the future.
  • There will be no physical schools with physical classrooms.
  • Universities will no longer offer papers
  • Certificates will be worthless
  • Universities that offer certificates will perish
  • Skills and Knowledge will be required instead of certificates
His explained that the future will be paperless and qualifications irrelevant. Infact he gave a time frame of 25 years for the certificates to be irrelevant and years for Universities to stop existing in their current state. Given the fact that Harvard, Cambridge and MIT are light years ahead of our systems and are still giving certificates means that Oborahs predictions are total rubbish. Unfortunately, these predictions are the kind of junk that dumpsite mongrels detest.

Oborah was in short playing down the importance of certificates and recognition now that it has been proven that his certificates are dubious.

He said the key emphasis for the future will be skills but you tell me if you will go to a surgeon who studied at a dubious school 25 years from now.

He claims that years ago, he already knew that certificates recognition will be obsolete and thus coined his slogan " A certificate is just paper... Its content is the VALUE! We all know that the slogan was changed quietly a year ago and before that it was " A certificate is just paper... Its recognition is the VALUE!" We think he got tired of all the recognition values and decided to change to content. Thats like that time when he points to a fly in the wall when asked a bout the CHE accreditation.
Somehow, Oborah missed the main prediction for the future where he will languish in KAMITI for fraud in a cell where Kenyas best crooks will have signed their names on the dirty walls.


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