Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you read the recent comments by the DALC band of  defenders. Unfortunately it is lacking in facts and intelligent but makes up for that with lots of emotion, accusations of jelousy and threats. You can bet that the DALC people feel cornered hence these responses that have not in anyway addressed the issues like where the CAM/OXIM are situated, why CAM shares the fax no with 8 companies and why DALC is offering unaccredited courses by CAM/OXIM.
Read below and see the kind of people you are dealing with.
why do you guyz envy DALC. Geeeez look for something else to do. am a student there and i think its good. go to the british counsel and enquire about it.if you guyz dont have anything to do why dont you think of something else like biz, something that can help you coz you r goin nowhere about this issue.pliz do something constructive and mind your own biz. you think the government is stupid by accrediting dalc. DALC is the future.
EDUCON:We don't envy DALC or its proprietor whose bogus Education most DALC students know about. We do not mind our biz because DALC is also not minding its biz cheating people that they are offering genuine Cambridge and Oxford qualifications. They are ruining the two institutions names in Kenya and muddying the perception of British education and abusing their accreditation in the process. I would like say that the rest of your post is shitty but that would be an insult to toilets everywhere!

Whoever is writing this shit should be very careful of what they are saying because you could land into serious shit.The person writing all this things is known and shock on you wen tha wrath of an angry man catches up with u.

EDUCON:This one was angry but did not bother to deny what we wrote but warned us against publishing anymore secrets. The angry man will catch up with the bloggers and probably dissolve them in acid, crush their testicles and put a bullet through their head..oops did I give someone an IDEA? What is Oborah angry about? We did not change CAM's registration you idiot and we did not somehow make CAM share its fax with 8 other companies. We are also not at fault for OXIM's non existense. We only highlighted them and you decided to shit all over the place. How telling!!

In your stupid blog,then why havent you ever said that DALC is accredited to offer to courses,yours is basically to sight the negatives,mnaogea na ma intake zinaendelea tu
EDUCON:This one is unhappy that we highlight the negative things about DALC. So that is an admission that the negative things are there and the problem is that we highlight them too muh. As we have said before, DALC is accredited to offer only two courses yet goes on to offfer over 150 courses . Secondly, CAM/OXIM courses are not accredited. Shows us your proof because QAC is not a real accreditation agency. Your put down that intakes are going no matter what we write smacks of plain stupidity. The only reason intakes are going on is because the CHE has not shut you down yet. We'll see what you have to say in a couple of months!!


  • Good reply.ngojeni.u guyz must really be thick to defend dalc.dont worry though,nawaelewa.many young guyz in dalc are thick like that.i know coz i studied with them before i got fed talkn of those who attend day classes.just there to pass time.

    March 24, 2009 at 10:49 AM

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