Thursday, March 26, 2009


If you are a DALC fool , a fib is hair in between your toes. For the rest of
you who were watching the class,

 Oborah explained that DALC was NOT FAKE despite
admitting a D+ O level fellow straight to the 3rd year of the GRADUATE
DIPLOMA. He crafted this long tale on a Mr. James Muiruri who got a D+
because both parents died before examinations?? So he failed and the joint
admissions board refused to listen to his pleas?? So Muiruri was employed as
a sweeper in this big company until one day he decided that he wanted to go
to school and he wrote a letter?? His English was so good, the boss did not
believe it and he wrote a 2nd letter that was even better and he was
promoted. He was a sweeper for 5 years. At his new position he wrote
proposals that were impressive and was promoted to be the MD's PA because of
his loyalty and writing skills after  years.One day, the MD was to make a
presentation but suddenly fell ill and sent  Mr. James Muiruri to do it on
his behalf. He did not send his deputy whom he feared would take his job. (
At this point I was laughing uncontrollably at Oborah's rudimentary
thinking) . So Muiruri made such an impressive presentation that the
Managers deputy was fired and Muiruri replaced him.
So Muiruri was now a big man with a big office and a big car (oborahs words)
who was refused admission by the University because he still had that D+
until he met Humphrey OBorah who assessed him through APEL and found that he
had gone to school for an equivalent of 2  years while working. Oborah
promptly took him to the 3rd year and now some dirty bloggers and the nation
newspaper daresay that DALC is fake. Is Muiruri a fool?

This is a fib right away especially the fact that it incorporates all of
Oborah limited stylistic devices. First, when did Muiruri approach Oborah?
From his history and the unexplained timeline, there is no way Muiruri would
have finished school less than  20 years ago. He was a sweeper for 7 years,
then a messenger for 5 years before being the PA to the MD and deputy MD. I
expect that a man who swept for 7 years to take another 10 before is deputy
Managing Director. Convince me otherwise if Jesus is your cousin but we all
know how hard it is to rise to the top even with qualifications in any company.

 If the man was in the company for 20years, then lets assume that he came
to DALC in 2007. 22 years before 2007 takes you to 1987. Now in 1987 they
did not have the 8-4-4 system we have today that grades in D+, A- etc.
They had the
other system that gave principles, subsidiaries etc and the freaking Joint
Admissions Board did not exist. So what is Oborah saying?

We thought such an elaborate story and earth shattering revelation should have
been told by James Muiruri himself instead of Oborah. That would be more

We attempted to track Muiruri today and we had a map, magnifying
lenses, fake diplomas and a sniffer dog. We spent all day and finally
realised that Muiruri is a voice in Oborah's head. Just like the King
of Belgium, Cambridge University, DAAD scholarship and BioMedically
approached education.

He's just not the sharpest knife in the kitchen this Humphrey Oborah..


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