Monday, March 2, 2009

DID George Saitoti Really sign this letter

 Below is a letter alleging to register DALC from the Ministry of Education. This letter should be questioned because it is thrust to student and staff at DALC from everywhere. It's on the walls, website, prospectus and everywhere you can display a certificate. Why is DALC compelled to show their letter and not the certificate ?

My Questions

  • Is that really Prof. George Saitoti's signature? It seems awfully easy to forge. Anyone can sign like that with some practice and the prominent way the signature is displayed on the letter begs questions.

  • Why does the letter indicate that DALC is registered for a maximum of 150 employees yet it now trains thousands?

  • It does not mention the registration number of the institution despite approving the registration.

  • It makes reference to a letter submitted by DALC. Does one write to the minister when you need a collage registered? I imagine this is a license like any other that would have an application procedure involving forms and a standard set of documents.

  • How comes this is casually confirmed in a letter from the minister purportedly in reply to a request by DALC?

  • So when and where was the certificate of registration forwarded to DALC?

Can somebody help us cofirm if this letter that DALC is genuine. Or maybe we could get Saitoti's email and ask him to visit this blog and confirm this. This letter,  I think is another one of those tools in DALC's fraud toolbox.


  • A certificate like any other paper can be faked here in Kenya and you know that they way you are manipulative.I tend to think that you are even involved in the "fake" industry. Why not? GOD will not allow you to destroy other people's names!

    September 26, 2010 at 12:14 PM

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