Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The mass exodus of staff that started late last year has left Oborah going back to his usual lie "i fired them because they were thieves/incompetent. DALC students deserve the best and these guys were not delivering what I expected." It becomes a little crazy when you have to tell people that you fired everyone including those who quit and left DALC in a tight a timetable quandry.
So Oborah got creative, he now uses a different "set of lies" depending on the person he is speaking to.

One of the staff who left previouslywas also a DALC student and knowing the damage it causes to DALC EDUCATION when students who are employees leave, Oborah pulled another lie from his trap. The said student is totally disgusted that Oborah is using his name to lure more students into his con game and convince the already jittery DALC populace. He tells people that the lad went to a UK university (true) as a result of his Cambridge Association of Managers qualifications (lie) on a DALC EDUCATION scholarship!

This is a big lie and the said student has confirmed that CAM qualifications are worthless in the UK and cannot be used to gain entry into any legitimate university . Therefore, people should stop believing Oborah's nonsense about credit transfers. If there was such a thing, DALC would be publishing a list of proud student who are admitted into prestigious universities in the UK as Oborah promises DALC students whenever they join the college. It is a carrot that is cleverly used to persuade you to join DALC EDUCATION and you realise soon after that nobody in DALC has transfered credits to any reputable university.

The student left DALC and joined the UK university on the merit of his high school grades after he realised that DALC EDUCATION would not lead to a UK university as earlier promised by Humphrey Oborah. DALC EDUCATION is not in any way involved in paying his fees and the qualifications gotten from DALC EDUCATION are not worth a credit in the UK system.

Once again, you will be the fool if you believe what this liar says and you will be parted from your money and given a dubious "prestigious" diploma from an association of managers which is only known to DALC and its ilk.


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