Friday, June 12, 2009


Digital Advisory & Learning Centre is nothing but a Dubious Ambigious & Lying Centre. We have explored in length the dubious nature of Humphrey Oborah's fraud factory that churns worthless diplomas by the hundreds every year. How has Oborah managed to keep the con going?


DALC is a well crafted operation that cleverly covers its tracks with checks and measures that reassure those who might have doubts about this CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD partner. All cons have clever ways to fill the mental gaps that may arise in the mind of the mark (victim) during a confidence trick.

Humphrey Oborah knows very well that Kenyans have a deep respect for Cambridge University and a lot of people are in profound awe of Oxfords University impressive history.

It is in this regard that he openly claims to be offering qualifications from CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD and prints some shoddy certificates from important sounding Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management. He makes misleading claims about these qualifications regarding:

  • Accreditation- CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS and OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT are not accredited by any authority of repute. To counter this "slight" hitch, the scammers created a phony accreditation body known as the QAC. Quality Assurance Commission, owned by the people who run the bogus CAM and OXIM. Filthy swindlers.
  • Existence- What if the two international partners are not what they are made out to be? Well, take some time to research UK company records and you will find that OXIM&CAM are frauds. The two were registered earlier this decade and have always filled claims as dormant companies meaning that they do not trade. How can it be when thousands of pounds are paid annually in Kenya as examination fees? Well, that does not add up but even worse, these were initially registered as private companies and changed names more than 3 years ago. So why are people still graduating and getting diplomas from UK institutions that do not exist?
  • Players- DALC presents the same cast in these events where they proudly invite parents and students. Here Oborah plays the white man confidence game where he introduces a bunch of scammers as prestigious scholars, researchers and inventors to unknowing Kenyans. People tend to put white men on a pedestal, mostly because they are …white! So we have white men who should be locked up in a jail for cheating people off their money addressing you in one of those DALC events. These scammers include, Joachim Kempe, Hardeep Sandhu , Peter Shepherd, Michael Gagne, Jean Clutton among others. This cast can be seen at all OXIM, CAM, IIU, EBS event PHOTOS and websites. So what do these have in common? The international diploma racketeering.
  • Affiliates- Have you ever wondered why DALC is not affiliated to one straight institution. You cannot find one proper university that is associated with DALC. It is always another one of those internet universities that give you a degree in no time. Some of these include, World Information Distributed Universities, European Business School, European Academy of informatisation, Irish International University. These institutions have been exposed in countless media as being dubious. The best expose was by the BBC where Jeff WoolLer, the then Chancellor of the IIU admitted on camera that the whole Irish International University is dodgy. That video is still on the BBC website. Show me a fake institution and I'll show you DALC.
  • Management- DALC EDUCATION boasts of over 100 management courses yet it is so poorly managed. I wonder if some of that "practical" education does not seep into Oborah's head. For starters, the organization has no structure and its management tries all it can to evade taxes. The college is unprofessionally managed with workers salaries being paid on 11th-15th. This move is to minimize employee movement from the organization and also wean off those who are not desperate enough. There is no customer care and as we speak, no more contact is allowed between the management and students. To put this in perspective, DALC takes your money and does not have time for you. TALK TO THE ONLINE SYSTEM.
  • Qualifications- Oborah did not go to Cambridge University? Is he a qualified career and curriculum specialist? Did he work at World Talent centre in the UK? Does he have a PhD? Did he write any thesis? Is he a true professor? Does he have valid postgraduate qualifications? The answer to all these questions in a resounding NO! In addition, his wife recently procured (for lack of a better word) a PhD from the shady IRISH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

In the next article we will be looking at the AMBIGUITY at DALC EDUCATION.


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