Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Any organization that cares about its reputation will take great exception to the negative things (over 100 articles) posted publicly in a blog such as this. Why has DALC EDUCATION not bothered to clear the agony of those who read the things we write here and the incriminating pictures we post?

Even the (now) disgraced TRACK IT MD unsuccessfully attempted to clarify the issues that were raised by KTN’s expose. Any company that cares about its status will at some point come out in the open and clear the air about negative claims. Does DALC EDUCATION seem to care?

Do you remember the alvaro debate that started as a rumour and ended in parliament? EABL did not bury its head in the sand like DALC EDUCATION has done for 6 months now. They went to the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the Government Chemist and asked them to find alcohol in alvaro. The scientist all came to one conclusion, alvaro is alcohol free.

So the issue was swiftly and credibly swept off the public debate and EABL continues to sell thousands of crates of alvaro.

On the other hand, look at DALC EDUCATIONEDUCATION. We have said that DALC EDUCATIONis a scam, con game, fraud factory, lie, dubious, shifty, dangerous, trick, deception, swindle, and racket. In addition we have said that HUMPHREY OBORAH is a liar, fraudster, fake, cheat, swindler, counterfeiter, con artist, pretender, deceiver, tax evader and a forgerer. What has DALC EDUCATIONdone? Have you gotten any meaningful response? We have also said that DALC’s foreign partners are bogus, non existent, pretentious, dubious, fake, unaccredited, deceitful, and fraudulent. Has DALC EDUCATION ever responded?

HUMPHREY OBORAH plays mind games with the students and parents by trashing the allegations. He usually engages in one or more diversionary techniques that takes attention from the issues. Another popular one of HUMPHREY OBORAH’s response is the contempt card. He simply brushes off the allegations made in this (and other blogs) as outrageous, malicious or too stupid to merit his reply. This response seems to assure a lot of DALC’s students but they should definitely question DALC EDUCATION a lot more than they do to find out the truth.

For example is it idiotic to ask if CAM does exist in the UK registrars records currently, Who accredited CAM? Where HUMPHREY OBORAH studied? Where DALC EDUCATION students go after their diploma course?

Would you ask these questions if DALC EDUCATION was a hospital? I bet you would.

As HUMPHREY OBORAH rubbishes all allegations that are made against DALC EDUCATION as empty and driven by malice, look keenly at the evidence presented and see if you are the one being tricked here.
You need to ask yourself if a man who holds a professorship from a dubious university the WIDU deserves to be trashing anybody’s claims.


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