Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We highlighted Oborah's upgrade scam a couple of months ago where the damn trickster was giving people worthless certificates from EBS and Irish International university. In addition we did a deep analysis of the crap that is printed on those certificates including phony numbers and fishy logos. You can read about the upgrade scam here.

DALC Education knows that you are hungry for an academic degree and know very well that their fake ass diplomas will not hold in the education system. So they created a bypass where they organise for your "upgrade" with a UK university. The problem is that the university is always fake and unaccredited. Sometimes, the said university does not exist anywhere and has no faculty or physical location.

When we burst this bubble, Oborah was caught in a catch 22 situation where he could take your money and get you another useless paper from Irish International University or the European Business School LTD. The latter states clearly that it is not a University yet DALC students get BBA and MBA degrees from the same but Oborah doesn't really care because he gets to keep the money as we illustrated here.

So we have Oborah with his hands on the cookie jar no doubt. What to do for the naughty professor?

As we type or is it speak, there is a growing crisis of people who are held in Oborahs suspense "upgrading" account. Meaning that they are waiting to upgrade but the dutty professor has nowhere to take them. Really. He is caught between a grenade and a landmine. Both have the same outcome so he has decided to keep all in suspense. Students from all walks of life cannot get a degree despite Oborah's claims and I suspect that a certain Major in the Kenya army has grown weary of Oborahs lies and might want to take action on the sucker. Among other people waiting for their upgrades include a senior civil servant, a tutor at a local college, several policemen, several NGO workers and some desperate youth.

In the meantime, Oborah is waxing lies about introducing newer and better universities (read undiscovered fake universities) that the students can upgrade with. For effect, he mentioned a German university recently to one of the impatient students before quickly ducking for another imaginary meeting. We reckon he is having too many voices in his head!!!

In sum, there will no upgrades because we proved that those are a sham and for those young things, who think that DALC is cool because the floors are shiny and they got sofas at the reception, think again. You will not get a convectional degree through DALC no matter what. You are wasting time and money. However, you can get an unusual degree through DALC from one of the many dubious universities owned Oborah's associates. This degree is most likely to be recognised by dubious accreditation agencies such as the QAC and holds no academic value.

Just like some people choose not to go to the doctor and trust that dirty herbalist who can cure 450 diseases, so are some people entitled to Oborah's devious education system at DALC.


  • can i apply on my own to a university abroad for and upgarde. The local universities r nt accepting our applications and we were told by Obora that the UK universties will give us credits? Somebody answer pliz cos am desperate

    July 6, 2009 at 6:48 PM

  • yes thats true coz i was once a DALC lecturer lecturing even subjects i did not learn at my own university. but obora could pay at that time but my problem was that i was given even a masters class to lecture while i only held a bachelors so it was really conny.The whole DALC had one kissi guy who got a Dplain in form four went to india and got Dip in Law, could not join law school in kenya but he was the only Law lecture for all DALC campus from kisumu to mombasa, sometimes i used to sympathise with both my students and there parents coz we used to mark and grade the papers at chiromo lane and then lie to the students that the papers have been sent to UK so they will get results in two weeks time.
    But i think Nick Oyiet should get saved in line with Maina njenga and that Akinyi of chinedu coz is is a great a complish of Obora in this big scam,
    But Obora pays anybody with some sought of authority who can harrass him or threaten to expose him and i have realiable sources from mainstream media that he poured a lot of money there to avoid publication of his scams and the journalists down there are scared to hell,
    when Commission for Higher Education came knocking rumours had it that each of them walked away with 2m (of course two Million kenya shillings bwana all five guys a totall of ten in a day)
    Yes there was a course called Pre- Med yaani before medicine, BWANA I PITY THOSE KIDS coz they were taught small chemestry and biology and they paid more than 500,000 each.
    Obora i know you will read this please dont be too greedy just register a decent school like KIM,strathmopre and let your country men be proud of you. I know you offer some desperate kenyans Job (Like myself then, actually you saved my behind coz...., thats why i could help you lie) but why Rob peter to pay Paul.

    now Obora is calling himself Prof. ooH my God this guy do not even have a complete masters after he gratuated from chiromo campus this guy went to india and then a few trips to uk. Obora can you publicly show which colleges awarded you this degrees and we shall go there and confirm. kenyas this guy think we are Idiots, He just learned public speaking and how to wear Macho Inne then come on our face that he is a prof.
    Big Lie.
    One day Obora your 40th day will come and am smelling it around, so be careful ooooooooooooh

    December 19, 2009 at 12:43 AM

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