Friday, February 20, 2009

Certificate Circus....16 Logos on One IIU transcript

Logos Galore
Look at the IIU certificate posted previously and see how many logos are on that page! 16 different organisations are apparently validating your IIU degree. I reckon in an attempt to appear LEGIT, Sandhu's graphic designer went wild with all this pasting of
logos haphazardly. This has to be entered into a book of records somewhere as the most logo'd certificate. According to the BBC, " The bogus Irish International University (IIU), which offers sub-standard and worthless degrees has been allowed to flourish in the UK - virtually unchecked by Government - for the last seven years".
Fooling People
Do you know your that your beloved Cambridge Association of Managers, Oxford Association of Management,European Business School, QAC are all represented in this montage of deception. In an attempt to appear credible, Sandhu ended up pasting all the emblems of his dubious institutions on one piece of paper. Well, if I was a fool I'd not find it weird that CAM/OXIM logos are on the IIU certificate. I'd say that its the competitors who are trying to ruin DALC's reputation with all these stories. I'd probably agree with the Professor of the WIDU that this is all malice until I get a shock when my certificates are rejected by an employer.
Needless to say that this certificate was collected by a Kenyan who went through the DALC system, got a CAM Diploma and Upgraded to the IIU Degrre which is now useless even with all these logos.
Dubious Institutions
IIU was busted by the BBC as a sham. IIU is owned by H. Sandhu who also owns CAM/OXIM/EBS which are all part of his well planned scheme to hoodwink unknowing Kenyans, Cambodians, Nigerians and all other citizens of poor countries who think that a UK degree will give them an edge over their local counterparts.
This scam works seamlessly within Sandhu's dubious institutions. First, students will enroll for a Diploma in (insert any course here) with CAM/OXIM and study through a system that moves you rapidly through the ranks to the GRADUATE diploma level (fast track). Once the student completes the GRADUATE DIPLOMA, he/she is presented with an opportunity to upgrade to a full BACHELORS/MASTERS degree and the Universities in this case are always IIU and European Business School (EBS). The EBS says on its website that it is not a university and still goes on to award DBA, MBA and BBA degrees. There is an issue of accreditation and to get past that they have an accreditation body QAC-UK that validates their courses.
 This is a closed society which would work if they have companies where they can employ their graduants, but they dont. So the student works (and pays) within these Diploma mills to get a Bachelors degree which is useless to the world.
 Traits of
In, Kenya thousands of people have been duped in this fashion. Get a diploma then upgrade to a degree. What they do no know is that all these prestigious sounding institutions have these common traits:
  • Are not accredited education institutions
  • Are owned by H. Sandhu (his pictures appear across all these institutions)
  • Deliberately Mislead people by invoking the UK- CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD connection
  • Are validated by a fake accreditation body the QAC
  • Are not accepted by other professional bodies such as the ACCA, ABE, CIM, KASNEB etc
  • Hold their graduations in the UK in the hired halls of CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD and use the pictures of these ceremonies to hoodwink more gullible people to join thinking these are genuine UK institution.
  • Are not recognised by any government body anywhere in the world
Get all your facts right when dealing with these scammers.  As the BBC says in the report, "This illusion is enhanced by the university's continued use of Oxbridge facilities to stage its award ceremonies. After each event photographs appear on the IIU website showing happy students receiving awards at the UK's best seats of learning".


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