Saturday, February 14, 2009

How can I tell if I am studying at a diploma mill?

Lets get a few things right here.

There are two kinds of diploma mills, those which offer low quality, specious programs or courses like DALC and those that merely sell you a copy of a degree with your name on it like IIU.

After finishing your Diploma with CAM, you are required to write a dissertation in order to complete the nachelors program, but there is little to no interaction with any faculty member. Infact, many students have handed only one and final copy and gotten their Degree.

This is a popular feature of Diploma Mills including well reknown ones such as, Columbus University that claims that it is "The Established Name in Distance Education" and also claims that it is accredited by the The Adult Higher Education Alliance. This is a fake accrediting agency.


  • They often have names similar to well-known colleges or universities (Cambridge, Oxford) but fail to mention an accrediting agency or name a fake accrediting agency (QAC-UK).
  • Written materials typically include numerous spelling and grammatical errors (see the DALC yellow prospectus), sometimes on the diploma itself (we have seen countless errors on transcripts too).
  • Overemphasis on the speed and brevity with which someone can receive a degree (e.g. "Fast track students can finish in 9 months. O level students with a mean grade of C+ can start at the second year!").
  • There is no selectivity in admissions, or any questions about previous test scores or detailed academic history ( all it takes is a copy of your results slip, and some people are admitted on the promise that they will bring the result slip later).
  • Degree requirements are vague or unspecified, lacking class descriptions and without any mention of how many credit hours are required to complete a program (tell me how many credit hours should your courses have? )
  • Tuition and fees are typically on a per-degree basis (See the IIU invoice).


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