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What is this doing on the IIU transcript? I did not make this up, open the transcript posted previously and see for yourself that there is one logo that is a composition of the IiU logo, the CAM logo and the OXIM one. I have circled the logos that you should look very closely at these logos and see that they are exactly what you see on DALC’s website. Of course they would like to deny any connection with them sham IIU after the BBC expose last year but this unholy union started way before that. I called this the unifying logo for the CAM/OXIM/IIU marriage I can see here.

The question someone should be answering is why do we have this Knightly looking logo that bears the IIU, CAM, OXIM emblems? My answer is that these 3 are owned by the same person whose sole agent on Kenya is DALC. Maybe the professor of WIDU will want you to believe that this is malice but let me break it to you gently if you are a victim of the CAM/OXIM lie.

IIU is a fake university, on examining its transcript we found 15 logos one of which incorporated the emblems of Irish International University, Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management into one. This is because all three are part of a Diploma mill that is hoodwinking unsuspecting people like you.


Aha!! The fake accreditation body needed 2 logos to validate the IIU degree. Why the two I cannot tell but it seems like the work of an overzeaalous con to prove he is not a fraudster but this is all the evidence you need.
To those in the dark, QAC is a fake accreditation body that apparently validates all the CAM/OXIM courses offered at DALC. According to the BBC it is owned by H. Sandhu.
Someone asked how??
Well, diploma Mills know very well that they cannot be accredited so they form self accreditation bodies. In other words they accredit themselves with a prestigious sounding thing like the Quality Assurance Commission. It is no
coincidence that the QAC has an uncanny resemblance to the QCA ( which is a UK publicly funded body that develops curriculum, assesments, examinations and qualifications. QAC pretends to be like QCA and hopes that people will not notice. Just like those counterfeit VAN HUSSEIN shirts or the EVERYDAY batteries.

The QAC validates the CAM/OXIM/EBS/IIU qualifications and
according to documents from the DALC website, your diploma is not valid if it does not have the QAC seal. Sounds like one sad joke right there, but ladies and gentlemen Oborah says that without the seal of a fake accreditation body, you
Diploma from an Uncredited CAM/OXIM is invalid!!! IRONIC!
The QAC website is also hosted on the same servers that host
the CAM/EBS/IIU websites.

That is little too much for coincidence isn’t it?

National Council of Higher Education is a fake accreditation body that serves to accredit illegitimate institutions. The NCHE is named by the Wikipedia alongside other prestigious sounding quaks suh as National Learning Online Council ((NLOC) and National Coucil of Schools and Colleges (NCSC).

So there you have it, Irish International University is accredited by two quackish institutions. Thats too much to handle and should be enough to stop a lot of people on their tracks. This is the same IIU that DALC students upgraded with and were escorted by DALC’s head of missions to graduate in the UK. This is the same IIU whose President owns the CAM/OXIM duo that offers its unaccredited Diploma’s at DALC.

PHEW!! This is a little head spinning!


This is how dodgy this thing is. The CAMBRIDGE endorses all CAM/OXIM qualifications. Actually, at the bottom of every certificate is “Endorsed by Cambridge Academy of Management” with this logo. So the big question would be why is it on the IIU certificate? Perhaps we could look at the Officials list to see the connection. As you look for the Officials, you find that there is a picture of a pretty girl and the listing of CAM/OXIm/EBS on their website. Some of the officials of this CAM include, Hans Joachim Kempe, H,Sandhu and Humphrey Oborah. Isn’t that another amazing coincidence? Oborah is Africa’s representative to the Cambridge Academy of Management where he sits on the same table with Hans Kempe. The three men are professors of the sham WIDU, and Kempe is the President of the Irish International University while Sandhu is the Executive Chairman. CLEAR?


Like energizer bunnies, they (fake schools) never say die, and looking at European Business School Cambridge list of officials, you will find:

Dr Michel Gagne- Dr. Humphrey Oborah- Dr Peter Shepherd Gloria Jean-Clutton Williams

The European Business School is a limited company whose certificates we analysed and found close to 10 anomalies in a previous post. The EBS says that it is not a university but still goes on to awards in DBA and MBA after (laugh at this) a one week residential program at Cambridge. At least one hundred students have gone through DALC and ended up with the European Business School Degrees.


Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah has lied to tens of Kenyans with a straight face over the last few years. I remember when he told us that the Irish International University was one university of a fairly good ranking that students could upgrade with. Later last year when things got heated, he said that the IIU was an open international university that was misunderstood. Well, I don’t understand why a university has three emblems as you can see above? Why is an irish University also Swiss?


THE REST OF THESE KNIGHTLY LOGOS are supposed to get you confused and impressed at how well the IIU is recognised. Well, I say this is crap that is not fit to WIPE my ass with. Why on earth do we have the United Kingdom logo?
Why do we need the Varsity Logo? So that we know the Irish thing is a University? and why the EU thingy? This is shitty ridiculous.

Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah is better suited to explain as the IIU certificates were collected at DALC from his hands. We have the invoices you wrote Prof.Dr.Edu of the World Information Distributed University whose research remains unpublished and cannot be traced anywhere.

Oborah, we have new info that you did not go to Cambridge University, wait
till that is published and you can call the police on the bloggers here. You are the most dishonest fake Prof.Dr.Edu ever, how do you look at students in the eyes and tell them all this is malice. Prof.Dr.Edu can you do another one of those malice bulletins where you to great lengths to avoid the questions
raised and point fingers instead?

Prof.Dr.Edu will you respond in your usual fashion so we can ridicule you
inability to tell the truth?
Are you going to make it illEgal for your staff and

students to read this blog? Maybe you could insert a clause in the student
contract warning against questioning DALC’s legitimacy? Prof.Dr.Edu?


  • This would be unbelievable unless you have the IIu degree like I do. I would like someone to file a suit and letus know because I'd like to give evidence and shut away this guy for a long long time. My degree is so useless, I don't quote it on the CV anymore and neither do i mention it to people. The person(S) writing this blog is doing a fantastic job because all the info is backed with evidence. Why isn't the Kenya media in on this? Is there a conspiracy of silence because Oborah advertises on the frontpage and TV which as we know is major revenue for them? Soon we should be questioning them.

    February 26, 2009 at 8:16 AM

  • HA HA !! THE IIU changed its website after being discoverd by BBC from to this jamaz are realy international conmen this is a movie and a half best book seller although one question why is Cambdrige Academy of management registerd as UKPRN: 10021806 and European Business School as UKPRN: 10021776 by the UK Register of Learning Providers which is a 'one-stop' portal to be used by government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers. this thing as they say could be a legitimate fraude

    February 26, 2009 at 12:41 PM

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  • Hi! Anyone knows cambridge management academy? Is it really from UK?

    May 25, 2016 at 7:59 AM

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