Monday, February 23, 2009

Proof that DALC's qualification are validated by the fake QAC

Before Humphrey and his band of liars changes this, download your advanced business management prospectus from the DALC website and find out what it says about the Quality Assurance Commision. Apparently, the QAC has accredits the CAM diplomas. The prospectus says..

All qualifications that are recognized by Cambridge, CAM (UK) are also accredited by Qualifications Assurance Commission (QAC - UK) through APEL credit transfer system. QAC is UK's qualifications accrediting body. DALC is registered by Cambridge, CAM, as an overseas teaching centre and has chosen the credit transfer system.


So who is fooling who? We say CAM is accredited by QAC which the BBC says is fraudulent and is owned by the same people who run CAM/OXIM/IIU/EBS. Oborah tells you its not yet it is on a CAM prospectus downloaded from his website. So why is it on this prospectus?? Why does it talk of accreditation when it is not a legitimate accreditation body?
As he works oertime to figure out another dishonest explanation we come across the ICT prospectus on DALC's website where they say..
Examinations for this course are from Cambridge and are practical. The marking is usually done in Cambridge and candidates receive certificates from Cambridge (CAM).
Your certificate can only be valid if it is from Cambridge (CAM) and bears the Quality Assurance Commission of UK (QAC-UK) seal which validates it and is on Cambridge CAM letterhead.
So QAC validates certificates and those CERTIFICATES without the QAC seal are not valid? This is the same QAC that is a fake accreditation agency by the way as the BBC found out. That is one dishonest statement from DALC!!!
We downloaded these prospectus from DALC's website so there is not malice here:-), we just brought it to your attention if you missed It.


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