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Read the Bulletin Below . This is a MEMO that DALC sent to announce fees reductions. 


Date Posted: 2008-10-03



We can now confirm that our international partners have a greed to lower their examination and credit transfer fees and we have some financial support in some campuses that will see reduction in tuition fees from November 2008.


I will be communicating to you shorlty the new fees guidelines from November 2008 but below is a guide:


1. Total tution and exams for postgrduate (including credit transfer will not exeed ksh. 250,000)


2. Total tution and exams for Graduate Level (including credit transfer will not exeed ksh. 330,000) for 3 years in most campuses, giving an average of Ksh. 110,000 per year including exams. Since most do 2 years, you will be spending much less for your the bachelors route, noting that you will also still be paying in installments.


New Fees Structure will be sent to your campus by Wednesday next week. Please note that it is effective from November 2008.





According to the MEMO, DALC's fees will be reduced as unnamed International partners have agreed to lower their fees for examinations and credit transfer fees. These are the examinations that DALC pretends to send to the UK for marking and the credit transfer fees it invoices for IIU and EBS. Typical universal trait of DIPLOMA mills is that fees is qouted in lumpsums and not in semesters, units studied or credit hours. Take a few minutes and find out which institution will give you the fee in lumpsums?


According to this intelligence insulting memo, credit transfers are done to unnamed Universities. When Oborah says International partners have lowered credit transfer fees, who are these partners that he works with? Would a UK university lower their fees for Kenyans who are transferring credits? Is there a Memorandum of Understanding with these partners? Oborah, You take people to be fools all the time dont you?


Further on, the fees reduction caused new problems for the scammer, students who had pid in lumpsumand now were asking for a refunds. The man cared so much about the students futures that he would not give them refunds. This is in consideration that the excess amount should go to DALC's international   partners for award of  Masters and Bachelors degree. In short,  Oborah will keep your money on behalf of the International partners and ensure you get a degree from them whether you like it or not.


Those who insisted on the refunds were played or lied to till they gave up. Oborah would tell you to come at noon, 4 pm, 6.30 pm etc hoping that you forget about your money and focus on getting a fake degree. He allegedly told students that the accountant was delaying the refunds, that he had forgotten/lost his cheque book,  that the money had already been deposited into the UK banks etc


The fake professor had to get rid of PESKY students demanding their money. As usual he sent a memo that appeals to the readers emotions by urging them to be careful to lose their reward(hahahahahaha) and warns against the usual low attitude. Holy crap!! Demanding your money is not only ungrateful (we could lose the reward) but stupid(usual low attitude). This man has mastered all the tricks a conman could use. He manipulates his students with a mastery of a street con.


Date Posted: 2008-11-11



When negotiating with international partners, the main thrust was about reducing examination and credit transfer fees.


The noble idea was to ensure that our candidates complete to full bachelors or masters degrees.


Now, our usual low attitude is back. Much as we mentioned that any excess will be transfered to credit transfer fees, most people are requesting for refund instead, so that "I solve this problem first". Interestingly, even where the money was paid by a company, they would like to pocket the balance.


Accordingly, we are therefore not meeting the original objective and fees may revert to original amounts. People have to be extremely careful when dealing with international partners as they constantly monitor us.


Dont be the people that were rewarded and then lost it almost immediately.


Please note that there are no refunds based on fees reductions!!!!! It is sad that the very people we try to help are the ones that rock the boat.





I felt totally insulted when he delivered a warning to students should not ask for refunds as the international partners could get angry and cancel the fees reductions. These foreign partners are like the big brother and could take punitive measures by raising the fees!! Int the memo, students are made to feel like filthy street urchins when Oborah reminds them in this bulletin that they are dishonest by trying to claim refunds for monies paid by sponsors/employers. They should let him keep the money.


"It is sad that the very people we try to help are the ones that rock the boat."

Please do not rock DALC's boat as Oborah is helping you get a fake degree.



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