Sunday, February 8, 2009


Why, pray would I make such a profound statement?

Look at todays edition of the Standard and you will find the following stories:

President Kibaki’s first and only advisor on war against corruption, Mr John Githongo, says ruling coalition lacks the will to fight graft. Read Mo

A censure Motion fashioned along the one that forced Trade Minister Amos Kimunya awaits embattled Agriculture Minister W... Read More

Considering that Vision 2030 blueprint has already given the pathway to social, political and economic transformation, ‘... Read More

The State spy agency – National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) – came under attack as Cabinet ministers re-opened ... Read More

Justice Waki and his team were obviously right in not leaving any ambiguities or uncertainties that the Government could... Read More

Criminal trials in international tribunals or a tribunal with national and international membership are increasingly bei... Read More

Clearly the Standard group loves to bust scams and goes as far as saying Raila's recent "Kenya we want" a scam. That is not the point of this post but I am questioning the Standard Group's credibility, its writers, editors. management and everybody who works there. Why?


This is an Educational show crafted by DALC staff (now fired) that will be Premiering on Tuesday this week on KTN at 8.00 pm. You heard right, KTN is given Oborah all the airtime a diploma mill con would need to seem legitimate. Why couldn't they do the show with other well respected Educationalists in the country? Why the hell in Kenya is KTN airing a show by a man who brought Irish International University and European Business School to Kenya? Why is a man of dubious PhD credentials getting airtime on a channel that claims to fight corruption? Does the Standard group have fact checkers?

I was irate when I saw the preview of the show because I recognised it was the same thing Oborah was fronting 8 months ago and encouraging students to take part in. How bad can things get? ?Here I am exposing well known fraudsters and KTN is bloody promoting his TV show!!

Of course this is going to give the man more credibility than Githongo's recording of Kirautu's voice as we all know that Kenyans trust the media more than anything. Soon I'll have people writing on this blog that Oborah is genuine because he was on TV. Period. For a majority of Kenyans its that simple. The man doesn't have to explain his bogus WIDU qualifications or association with Oxford/Cambridge Association of Managers fraudsters? He is on TV talking education!!

So more Kenyans will be duped into taking some of his courses and in the end when the fat lady sings KTN will have lost every bit of credibility it has. KTN is getting lots of egg all over the shiny I&M windows with this show and the fact that Oborah pays for this with money scammed of poor Kenyans should make KTN think twice about this.

Or is the Standard Group really as corrupt as people say? I cannot be convinced that they have the time to investigate corrupt politicians and other mega scandals and they do not have a whiff of Oborah education scam. NA!


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