Sunday, February 8, 2009


1. DALC EDUCATION is part of an international education scam run by a man who call himself Prof. Dr. Edu. Oborah.

2. DALC students get certificates from Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Managers . These two Institutions are limited companies and not collages or examination bodies as alleged by DALC and are not accredited by any authority in the UK.

3. DALC's international qualifications from institutions owned by a man known as H. Sandhu who was busted by BBC as the man behind the bogus Irish International University. The same H. Sandhu attends all of DALC's graduation ceremonies where he gives a speech to unsuspecting Kenyans.

4. Oborah recently held a public ceremony that you aired in your prime time news where he was awarded professorship by the European Academy of Informitisation - a department of the World Information Distributed University. Both are listed as diploma mills by the US government. See the US department of Education State of Maine, Oregon, department of personel ,
the wikipedia among others.

5. Oborah has been the point man for the bogus Irish International University and European Business School (both owned by H. Sandhu) that have awarded hundreds of Kenyans degrees that are absolutely worthless.

6. Oborah personally takes Kenyans to the UK for a graduation ceremony held at the hired halls of Cambridge University where students are made to believe they are getting legitimate UK qualifications. This scam is well documented by the BBC.

7. DALC EDUCATION awards bogus CAMBRIDGE qualifications known as FCAM(Cambridge Fellow) to unsuspecting Kenyans of repute such as politicians and businessmen. They then use the pictures of these award ceremonies to trick more Kenyans.

8. DALC EDUCATION is blatantly lying to Kenyans by claiming courses from CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS and OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS are gazetted by the commission for higher education.

9. The International scam has tricked many people Hun Sen Cambodia's Prime Minister who in 2004 publicly received a honorary doctor degree from the same institution that works with DALC EDUCATION called Irish International University of the European Union (IIU) based in Dublin, Ireland.He was conferred a honorary degree by Hardeep Singh Sandhu conferred in Political Science upon him.

10. DALC EDUCATION collaborates with institutions that are accredited by the Quality Assurance Commission. A fake accreditation body created by the same people who run Cambridge and Oxford Association of Managers to accredit its own BOGUS programs.


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