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Last year when the BBC burst the IIU bubble, Oborah was getting ready to do some damage control but he didnn't have to because things did not get too bad in Kenya as the BBC is not as widely viewed as the KTN. Nevertheless he had this bulletin out but did not post it. Well, let's just say that he pretends to be Sandhu and speaks on behalf of the Irish University.

Oborah takes all of us to be fools and he has to get some credit for pulling a con that even the Standard group swallowed. This is despite our persistent emails requesting them to verify the mans credentials.

Well Oborah we have your cleverly worded bulletin from last year that you wouldn't want the world to see. You can deny it if you want but we have alot more coming.

8 January 2008

Fake Degrees being sold in the United Kingdom

We refer to the recent BBC investigation into an education scam perpetrated by a UK private college in the United Kingdom.

We would like to clarify that the alleged UK College is not affiliated with the Irish International University.

We are aware of fake degrees being sold by UK colleges claiming to be affiliated with the University. There has been an increasing number of verification of international degrees of the University by UK employers that turned out to be bogus degrees issued by a college in the United Kingdom. The University has an online verification of graduates.

The Irish International University is NOT a UK institution, therefore the University does not come under the UK laws, however the University welcome the move by the UK government to regulate private UK colleges in the form of accreditation.

Nevertheless, we are concerned that report has tarnish the integrity and good international standing of the University.

Dr. H Oborah
Head of Missions

This bulletin says that the Irish University is not a UK university and therefore does not come under UK laws!!
·                    Well the first question that comes to mind is , Under which country's laws is does the IIU fall under?
·                    The second question would be , why the hell is IIU listed in the UK Book of Vocational Qualifications?
·                    Why does IIU have a .ie domain? Isn't that a domain for all Irish institutions? Thats like a japanese company hosting their site on a domain.
·                    Why does IIU have a Dublin mailbox?
·                    Why then is it accredited by the QAC-UK?
·                    Is an online verification of graduates supposed to mean something? The real Cambridge University, Harvard , Dartmouth do not have this shitty crap of online degree verification. Why does IIU need to remind us they have that?
·                    Are you actually blaming the IIU problems on another college in your first and third  paragraphs? Idiotic reasoning I must point out as the IIU has no facilities, no faculty , no accreditation, no nothing. Is that a "competitors" fault. Can we drag your favourite scapegoat "Graffins" into this ?
·                    "Nevertheless, we are concerned that report has tarnished the integrity and good international standing of the University".  Oh really? So the world is wrong and you are right.

We know that you DENY all connections to SANDHU and that you are desperately shopping for DIPLOMA MILLS in Europe (Belgium,Germany) which you will then unveil for your students to UPGRADE with. All DALC students ought to demand from you a list of Universities that they can UPGRADE their qualifications and you should provide a list and links to the UNIVERSITIES including websites and accrediting authorities.

As you shop for a DIPLOMA MILL and cheat people off their money, I would like to remind you the afternoon of the 12th August when you broke the news that the IIU had been accredited in Australia. It was odd for a fake Irish University to be accredited  in Malaysia but you put out this bulletin to all of us .

Humphrey, did you just post a couple of emails as proof of IIU accreditation? Which college ever does that. You are one sloppy man who should be thoroughly laughed at! So these emails are the evidence or what? Maybe you have emails you could send about WIDU, CAM, OXIM etc to prove accreditation?

Good old Oborah might want to deny this but half the students and staff remember these bulletins and there is nothing you can do about that.!!!!!

You could also claim that thieving ex staff, competitors, wayne rooney, your angry tenants, old highschool enemy, the watchman you fired, the devil, students who dropped out, the weatherman, Hugo Chavez, your jealous neighbour and other people who do not want africa to progress are saying all these things out of malice,jealousy, pig headedness, evil intentions, stupidity, money etc .

That however will have missed the point because you have not given students who are making you rich, truthfull information that CAM/OXIM are diploma mills and the certificates they hold are worthless and can only be accepted by an Irish University that isn't irish with Malaysian Staff, no faculty , no departments, that will be holding graduations in Belgium and also has a picture of you posing as a Cambridge Councillor. Those are some of the things you cannot blame ex staff, competitors, wayne rooney, your angry tenants, old highschool enemy, the watchman you fired, the devil, students who dropped out, the weatherman, Hugo Chavez, your jealous neighbour and other people FOR.


  • I have a postgraduate diploma and enquired at DAystar,Usiu, Nazaarene and KCA about them recognising my CAM DIPLOMA. They turned me down. Daystar was very harsh in dismissing my papes and did not want to hear what I have to say.

    So I have realised the truth after not knowing. I know this Oborha man is a good talker and will convince you otherwise but students should knw that its their lives and they first should enquire from local universities before commiting to DALC.

    I made the same mistake even though there is a University on my way to work, I did not bother to go and ask about my CAM qualifications and now its just regretting.I support the people who are xposing DALC for what it is.It is like a pyramid scheme that cons people through education.

    I pray and hope oneday, all our money is refunded and Oborah sent to Shimo la Tewa where he will spend the rest of his life jailed.

    Can someone file a lawsuit so we join and give evidence.

    February 19, 2009 at 2:37 PM

  • Synergies Education Australia has no such affiliation with the Irish International University and you should contact them if IIU or any affiliate organisation connected with IIU claims different.

    March 22, 2009 at 6:23 AM

  • we report oborah to Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.Co - accuse Faith Kinyae.

    March 24, 2009 at 3:23 PM

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