Thursday, February 12, 2009


They (DALC) can deny or threaten the bloggers here with arrest all they want but they are the ones living in a house filled with muck. Not us. All we do is tell you how much filth is in the DALC EDUCATION house and we show you the evidence. You should ask yourself why it is so easy to find all these lies, inconsistencies and associations with fraudulent institutions. Why for instance is DALC strongly connected to bogus universities (Irish and European Business School)? Is it by accident of by design? Why are the legendary institutions that DALC claims are its examining bodies not recognised by any of the UK education authorities?

Anyway, the Absurdity at DALC is further revealed in this invoice we post here. In 2007 DALC was conning Kenyans with impunity as there were no nosy newspaper writers questioning the validity of its UK partner institutions. Unfortunately, Papers have a way of appearing and someone volunteered information on how DALC fleeced him a whooping 8,400 sterling pounds. Do the math but that must have been close to Ksh. 1.17 million!!

You see, DALC is Kenya's sole agent for Irish International University, Cambridge Association of Managers, Oxford Association of Managers, European Business School which are all unaccredited and owned by Hardeep Sandhu. Ridiculous is the fact that an Education institution in Kenya can collect money for 3 different unaccredited entities and still have an education TV show on KTN. The receipt you see here came from DALC and was written by Humphrey Oborah.

The unfortunate student was billed for:

  • Irish International University Exemptions-£400
  • Irish International University Graduate Diploma Module-£522
  • Graduate Diploma Certification-£175
  • Irish International University Bachelors upgrade-£1245
  • Bachelor Certification Fees-£200
  • Cambridge Association of Managers Diploma Assesment Fees-£666
  • Post Graduate Diploma Certification Fees-£250
  • European Business School Cambridge Masters Degree Upgrade-£3200
  • MBA Strategic Management Masters Certification Fees-£250
  • Graduation Fees-£1500

Unbelievably, DALC issues one receipt for all the above payments and receives the money to its accounts (mmmmmm i wonder if they paid tax) and issues a single receipt for:

  • A Graduate Diploma
  • A PostGraduate Diploma
  • A Bachelors Degree
  • A Masters Degree
  • Diploma/Degree/Masters Certification (Whatever that is)
  • Exemption fee

All on the same invoice and 3 different institutions!!!! How twisted is that?

Once again we have put the truth here and hope that this will result in some action or a no nonsense response by DALC.

Download the invoice here.


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