Friday, February 6, 2009

10 REASONS YOU SHOULD BE WARY OF DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre)

1. Association with international conmen. Hardeep Sandhu and Hans Kempe have perfected the art of setting up dubious institutions and should not even address a gathering, well unless in a jail in the far east.

2. Fake credentials. CAM/OXIM are private companies and not educational institutions or examination bodies as you are made to believe. Can you get a diploma from a company..say Eveready East Africa ? How comes CAM/OXIM awards DiplomaS? The icing on the cake is Oborah, The man is not even a Dr. He has no phd and now calls himself prof.

3. Quality Assurance Commission. The accreditation body that Oborah says isn't. Read and see that QAC says clearly on its website that its an accreditation body. Your certificates and the ones on the walls at dalc bear QAC logo.

4. Tax evasion. Every legitimate business must pay tax and DALC doesn't. Still don't know why KRA doesn't catch up with DALC. No PAYE to this day?

5. Onlines System. Oborah's pervect way of holding all the evidence that you ever went to a college. One day he will shut the server and go to Bahama's. By then he will have closed the head office and you will have nowhere to go.

6.Donors grants. This is a lie that is told everytime Oborah addresses unknowing parents and students and creates a grand picture of the DALC of the future.

7. Lifestyle. The Head of Missions who is expected to be a man of repute and one who sets an example, spends his weekends partying and drinking hard with a brainless pal of his and sleeping around with girls barely out of their teens yet he is married.

8.Sexual Harassment: If you are pretty and young and ....desperate. Keep of DALC because the man does not take no for an answer and he is not nice if you say no.

9. Lies: There is very little truth in DALC. I challenge you to think of 10 truthful things about your institution. And where is the board of directors? After Davy Koech was installed as chairman (this was to get the CHE accreditation purposes) a board was to be set up in 30 days. That was 230 days ago.

10. Mental ineptitude: The DALC head of Missions despite being a reknown professor(of the WIDU:-) ) still reasons like one with a featherweight IQ. Up to this day he has not addressed any of the issues mentioned in the previous posts. When asked about the issues raised here, he has gone on to blame old staff whom he says he going to have arrested for theft.
So that's the explanation your local professor gives as an explanation for posing as a Cambridge Councillor!


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