Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fake college boss sent to prison

Michael and Angela Smallman
Michael and wife Angela Smallman "struggled to keep the college afloat"

A man who ran a bogus college in a £16m fraud which involved 80,000 students has been jailed for seven years.

Michael Smallman, 45, of Northallerton, was convicted of fraudulent trading while his wife Angela was convicted of money laundering in October.

Smallman ran the National Distance Learning College (NDLC) in Middlesbrough which collapsed in 2001.

His wife was jailed for 15 months. Only 18 students received diplomas from the college, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The college's directors, Peter Kenyon, 43, and John Hornsby, 59, were cleared of fraud after a four-month trial earlier this year.

The court heard Smallman tempted 80,000 students to sign up for his home study courses, netting him £10m in 15 months.

But only 18 of the would-be graduates ended up with a genuine qualification when they finished their studies.

Between September 2000 and November 2001, Smallman's company was running a massive fraud, cheating the students and the government by offering inadequate training, refusing to refund students who chose not to go ahead with the course and claiming the qualification was accredited by the City and Guilds of London Institute when it was not


This article should should quash any hare headed rebuttals from DALC that fake colleges cannot exist in the UK thus CAM is legitimate. This is Oborah's newest defence. That the UK government is very strict thus rumour mongers (diplomacon) are misinformed alleging that CAM/OXIM are illegitimate institutions.

Michael and wife Angela conned the UK citizens and government for 7 years!! Thats 7 years that the government was writing cheques to his bogus school. Fake better craft a better emotionless explanation...or people will start calling you a thief.

We hope to read such an article in our dailies soon when Oborah and his wife are apprehended and locked up for a long long time.


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