Friday, February 6, 2009


Careful that this is not your story in a few months time. I found this story here.


Please hear my story and let the world know the plight of many of us
who have been duped by DALC and oborah. I know many people will not
come forward but i am because i am on the verge of loosing my job due
to the irich university and DALC.

two years ago i studied for a diploma at DALC and was told i could
transfer my credits to a full bachelors degree with an international
university. so we were given option of Cambridge University but were
latter told our grades were not good so we could not be accepted
there. oborah then presented to us european business school(expensive)
and irish international university(cheaper option). I went for Irish
since my diploma had already costed quite an amount.

i collected my BBA degree from Irish university at DALC offices and
presented it to my employer. my trouble started when my employer told
me that the commission for higher education confirmed that my papers
were indeed fake.

i was put on notice and asked to contact my college for clarification.
since i got my degree through DALC i have been trying to get
clarification from oborah who has since blocked my number on his phone
and any attemps to get an audience with him have not been successful.

i ultimately we to the irish university website and sent them an email
for explanations on their credibility. they asked me to download the
attached document from their website which claims accreditation by the
australian government.

i got werry concerned and wondered why a UK university would not be
accredited in the UK but in australia.

when i contacted the australian embassy here they gave the contacts of
the accrediting body in australia who replied as below.

Robert this is very bad scam since some of us depend entirely on our
jobs and we sipport families. i have wasted time and lost money and i
know there are many other students in this situation.

Please do what you can to higlight our plight.



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