Tuesday, February 17, 2009


When the UK scammers first came to Kenya to launch the "prestigious" Cambridge and Oxford courses, they brought along the QAC-UK. The QAC was introduced as the accrediting body in UK that validated the programs and nobody thought of looking it up. Surprisingly, QAC-UK letters can be rearranged to read QUACK which would have aswered all the questions about its credibility. This fake accreditation body is owned by the same CAM/OXIM/QAC scammers and still appears on the DALC website to this day as you can see below.

When the going gets tough, the lies keep on changing and this is what happened when the BBC expose laid bare QAC's quackery as an accreditation body. So Humphrey Oborah, the cavalier of hope medallist and WIDU professor came up with a new line. "QAC is only consulted when we are assesing candidates work experience". This is believable if you are an unquestioning fool but we are not. Why does the QAC logo then appear on all the certificates? DALC still has sample certificates you can view by clicking here. We took the liberty of displaying a CAM diploma for you below. So, is that a QAC logo at the bottom or not? Why do all certificates bear this logo of a quack accreditation body?
Oborah's explanation for this is baffling and goes to show just how much he can lie to keep this Education fraud going. Read the bulletin he posted last year to explain QAC below.
Date Posted: 2008-09-23
Dear all,
The QAC only deals with validation of exemptions
or credit transfers based on Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning(APEL)
so that those with work experience can get their years of relevant work
converted into academic credit points (validated by QAC).This is the only
service QAC does for us with CAM and OXIM.There are people who are confusing
that QAC is a UK accrediting body yet all information about QAC is about
APEL.Please have your facts right!
So the QAC is not an accreditation body according to the bulletin yet QAC says so on its own website.
If you read the kind of crap on the QAC site, you will realise painfully that you have been taken for a ride ladies and gentlemen. Your pilot was a fake trained to the highest levels at the WIDU!! What the heck does "massification of learning, has resulted education to undergo unprecedented changes in the last decade and hence the number and complexity of educational programmes have changed enormously" mean?


  • Fake Prof.Oborah, you are screwed bad.I dont know where you'll take cover or who's gonna get you out of this mess. I am following the blog to the bitter end. Thanks blogger for this information. Bring them on......go blogger...go...go

    February 19, 2009 at 2:42 PM

  • knowing oborah very well, i know he must be working overtime to scare the bloggers. has sent death threats like he did to alai when he first bust oborahs scam at kaziafrika? am sure all staff who left recently are now "suspects" and obora is definately telling people all sorts of rumours about them eg they are thieves and he will be calling the police on them. funny how the man loves to ruin peoples reputations yet he nothing but a quack. Why does Oborah call every bdy who leaves DALC or tries to xpose him a thief? and who is the thief anyway?

    February 19, 2009 at 2:54 PM

  • I am one of those who are alleged to be in the band of thieves. Mr. Oborah, you have said all sorts of lies about me being a thief to anybody who will listen. I left DALC in December so that I would not have to lie to unknowing Kenyans about CAMBRIDGE QUALIFICATIONS everyday.

    I left DALC because there was no point of working for you and ruining my career and reputation in the process.I hear that you are also threatening to publish my picture in the newspapers claiming that I am a thief.

    Perhaps you think that calling me a thief will cleanse your sins and vindicate you.

    I will not go your way mister, I will tell the truth as I know it and we'll see you call your police on me.

    February 19, 2009 at 3:11 PM

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