Thursday, February 12, 2009


As I was reading this blog the other day ( which is now my favorite daily), I came across a comment made by Oborah but posed as fab04, the man claims that if all the people who commented on a certain aritcle put the brains together their IQ woundnt reach 130,Well i was one of the people who commented and my IQ is more than that.

Oborah, This is how your certificates are printed

On the fateful day oborah and his wife wake up really early, Faith Kinyae makes sure that their son Andrew and daughter are in school or have something to do. Oborah on the other hand then goes to DALC campuses for a suprise check and of course he will find some one who has come late to work or has done something wrong ( according to him), he will then shout to the top of his voice to make sure he keeps all the staff on toes and so that no one will dare want to call him later on during the day. He then heads to meet up with his wife Faith Kinyae (who is a professional certificate printer ) and is already at the venue where all the diplomas, degrees and masters degree are made (notice i used the word made).

The reliable messenger Dorminic is the only staff in dalc who knows where Faith Kinyae's printing press is at its best ( ooooh sorry me and six other Chiromo Staff also know about it). Well, it's in parklands as you go towards the entrance gate of MP shah Hospital opposite the now Shell petrol station ( formerly BP), please note its Oborah's former house which is now Faith Kinyae's office / certificate making factory.

Back to my story, its now 10 am and Oborah's mobile phone is off, the man is busy printing the certificates while the wife is there making sure that no errors occur during the printing process, so whenever there is a query, Faith Kinyae calls centre managers asking them what modules a certain students has done this is to ensure that certificates have no errors but still the cerificates come will mutiple errors, for example students receive results for modules that they did not submit, students receive results for modules that they where initially exempted. Some names such as Wanjiku will come out as Wanjiru and some times the signatures on the transcripts will vary. In addition, some certificates will come ou somewhat faded.

A week later faith comes with the certificates to chiromo lane in envelopes saying she had just gotten them from DHL. Can you kindly show us the DHL packaging, next time????? Where are the receipts??? Have the accountants ever paid any money to the DHL??

Please Faith dont play with the minds of Kenyans,we know you too are a self proclaimed doctorate holder. the last time your certificates where printed on december 13th 2008. The next time is later this month.


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