Friday, February 27, 2009


According to this document available from here IIU recognises several institutions. Strangely, none of them are accredited and your usual suspects CAM/OXIM are there. Seems like this is just one big happy family that loves to give certificates without regard for their usefulness or recognition. Download the pdf and read for yourself before the Prof. Dr. craps on your intelligence by alleging that this is the work of malicious people. Take note that this document is on a HongKong website and there is such a strong connection between IIU and CAM/OXIM there, ask you professor of the WIDU to explain. Do not be fooled by his attempts to blame others.
Oh and WIDU also recognises IIU and has accredited DALC (yes they can!!) whose head of Missions is Africa's vice president of WIDU. WIDU is on the Oregon state and Wikipedia's lists of unaccredited institutions.


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