Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Irish university duped top UK businesswoman into handing out its degrees

A leading businesswoman has been embarrassed into handing back an honorary doctorship she was awarded by a bogus university.

Mary Chapman, chief executive of the Chartered Management
Institute, agreed to be guest of honour at the "graduation ceremony" for the
Irish International University.
But the institution, which hires rooms at
Oxford for its degree events, is neither Irish nor a university. It encourages
foreigners to spend thousands of pounds coming to Britain to study for worthless

The Irish International University put her picture on its
website to help to recruit more overseas applicants. The University of Oxford
has banned the self-styled independent university from using its premises.
Hardeep Singh Sandhu, executive president of the university's governing council,
said the university had never claimed to be accredited in Britain but he would
be happy for it to be inspected.

References to the Dublin campus and Quality Assurance Commission
had now been removed from the website. The Chartered Management Institute said
Ms Chapman attended the graduation ceremony in good faith. Her organisation had
now severed all links with the bogus university


Question is, how many well known Kenyans have been duped by the same people with dubious CAM and OXIM awards? We all saw the KQ HR manager receive an award last graduation, so did a Chairman of the KCB board. You have seen CDo you think they would have accepted the awards if the knew the truth about DALC?


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