Friday, May 8, 2009

IN his OWN WORDS: OBORAH's Achievements

Oborah once had a websit last year but it was quickly removed as it was full of his lies. Immediately after he received his bogus professorship, he quickly took it out. We kept a copy of his pages and in the first installment is his achievements in his own words.
This should only serve to illustrate that Oborah and DALC are liars who are out to get your money.

Prof. Dr. Humphrey Oborah Profile > Achievements

He thrives in vision and foresight. He acts by design and seldom by default. He believes in originality, creativity and innovation of ideas. To him, the world can only be a better place if and only when the society allows creative minds a chance to exploit their special gifts.

When he set up DALC Education in January 2003, many took him for granted. About DALC, they said 'yet another downtown college' and they watched to see the institution shut down due to low or lack of admissions, stiff competition, finances, and a myriad of similar problems associated with setting up an education institution in the third world. But all in vain.

The Head of Missions of DALC Education still holds on to the memories of the humble beginnings …"so we had only three students during the first year for whom I had to pay examination fees to prove that I meant seriousness."

But success has a way of following winners to the beautiful gates of heaven. Once you set your goals right and focus on achieving them, you always get rewarded for your hard work and determination.

"Once the pioneers did the examinations and certificates came on Cambridge letterhead, we had long queues of people wanting to register for the Cambridge programs," Prof. Dr. Oborah recollects with a tinge of contentment in his tone.

This success must have been the best news to the residents of East and Central Africa since DALC Education had earlier in July 2002 had been licenced to offer the high impact programs of University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Growing up in the curtain years of the last millennium, and even more so in the African continent, the reality of education, particularly the lack of it is a hardship one has to grapple with. As they say in the business world, nothing but death and taxes is certain these days.

And with the cosmopolitan society we were raised in, any kind of mobility - be it financial, social or even geographical movement proves to be a tall order. Right from the onset, parents identified and still look at quality education as the sure key and path to the very elusive happiness. 

Alas! Necessity they say gives birth to innovation. Wish and the creative mind will make it happen. Seek and innovation will bring it to your doorstop.

Other than DALC education, Prof. Dr. Oborah recently launched the Centre for Academic Referrals, Testing and Management (CARETM). His idea here was to enable parents foretell their children's career early in life hence avoid making serious and costly career blunders later in life.

One too many questions parents ask of their children, "so if my son/daughter is in lower primary or early secondary or already in an institution of higher learning, can't I be in a position to forecast his/her future career, with certainty so that I know where to put my money, time and effort?"

"Like good doctors do a blood test before providing a prescription, good teachers should also test for gifts and talents before teaching", remarks Prof. Dr. Oborah. CARETM ( also enables one determine their right career, so if you feel you need a career guide of change, this is the place for you.


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