Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As the local graduation looms, people are eagerly awaiting for the day when they put on the gown and be given powers to read and all that stuff that goes with it. In Kenya, over 600 people attended the graduation ceremony with their friends and family last year. To many Kenyans, a graduation is an important event. Only marriage comes second and thus in the true Kenyan tradition, families turn the whole event into one big family party with lavish meals, countless photos, high fives and warm hugs.

The people behind the graduation ceremonies must look at the merry making graduates and smile in satisfaction at a con well executed. See, the graduation ceremony at Safari Park is the icing on the cake of this long con. A long con indeed considering that some people spend over 3 years at DALC and leave with a degree from a University that has no facilities, no faculty, has been uncovered by the BBC as being bogus and whose chancellor admitted to being dodgy.

Interestingly, the scammers have fashioned a fellowship akin to a society of thieves. They are the same people who attend these graduations in the hired halls of Cambridge and Oxford University and then attend graduations in Kenya where they shake your hand as they give you a useless Diploma or Degree with a glimmer in their eyes. You see the same faces over and over when you look at the graduation ceremonies by three different bogus institutions namely, Oxford Association of Management, Cambridge Association of Managers and Irish International University. Do not forget that the 3 institution are accredited by the Quality Assurance Commission, a spurious accreditation agency that is owned by the kingpin, Hardeep Sandhu.

Looking at the graduation ceremonies held by the IIU, you can easily draw the parallel with the local graduation that Oborah and Company are going to holding this month. The photos tell the whole story and without further ado, let the pictures do the talking.


Have you ever wondered why these scammers do not have students from the countries in which they are named after? Cambridge Association and Oxford Association of Managers do not have UK students. The Irish University is not even located in Ireland! Why do these institutions love Africans and Asians so much? That's a simple because Africans and Asians have an unquestioning trust for all things foreign especially if it involves Europe and North America.

Have a look at the Irish International University and draw the parallel to the graduation you expect at Safari Park this May.

Outside the hired Graduation Hall students chat and take pictures

As the Intercontinental scammers arrive. Can you see Kempe and Sandhu in the background?

And they introduce the local Dignitary. He probably is a politician and does not know exactly who he is dealing with. There's Sandhu again!

The happy parents, relatives and friends sit expectantly. They are so glad that their kin are about to graduate.

The Irish University paraphernalia is laid out on a table near the entrance for this auspicious occasion.

The scammers get spruced up to play the role for this day. Oborah must be the first Kenyan to attend this dubious graduation.

Last minute review of the plan. They are discussing the stage layout according to the chat. Looking nice in their gowns don't you think?

The happy graduates get ready to rumble.

The scammers are ready to please with degrees that are not worth the ink that's printed on them. Say hi to Oborah, all the way in Malaysia.

All are seated inside. Patiently waiting.

This guy marches in with the IIU mace. That's supposed to show you how serious the university is.

And the fraud masters go marching in…into a hired hall in Malaysia

The speeches. Take note of the slideshow in the background showing the UK, Ireland and European Union flags. See the slide that says Accredited Transnational University. Whatever that means!

Aha, see Hans Kempe (Left), Hardeep Sandhu (centre) in Malaysia together just like at the DALC graduation in 2008.

The power to read with a worthless Irish International University Degree. Smile, Shake Hands and go.

The Happy Irish International University Graduates make merry and capture this special moment. Fast forward to the BBC expose and this is a sour reminder of money and time lost.

The DALC Graduation to be held by DALC on the 30th of May will be a lot like the Malaysia.

Irish International University graduation above and some of the International scammers may be present. The important thing is to understand that a graduation ceremony is of no value if the certificates presented are not of any worth.

As you walk to the stage to shake the fraudsters hands upon receiving your degree or diploma and pose for photos with relatives. Ask yourself, is this a hollow ceremony meant to hoodwink you? Are just like the Malaysians above, the victim of a cartel that has specialized in a awarding dubious qualifications? Think about it!


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