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Read the email below.

Good Morning __________?

Thanks for your enquiry about our courses. DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) is the exclusive teaching centre for Cambridge and Oxford in the East and Central African region. Attached please find our summary prospectus. Particularly find the "course brochure" which will help/guide you to know how you would finally meet your career objectives.

Our courses "level out" towards bachelors or masters degrees through professional diploma lines, and through many high profile universities for upgrades to bachelors or masters degrees

All courses are FULLY PRACTICAL and examinations are based on how you are able to apply what is learnt in class in the industry.

The duration of our courses depends on the student's ability. We therefore have maximum durations (usually 24 months for most courses) but a student can take as little as 10 months or less on a course level, depending on background qualifications and experience. Students who are hard working, intelligent and committed are said to be "fast-track" students.

Further details of our courses can be reviewed through our website or visit our WESTLANDS Campus-Soin Arcade 5th Floor next to post office behind China Plate Restaurant on westlands road.

Please also find attached our 'Career Survey & Admission Form' which you should complete and return to us for approval. This will help us do a further evaluation of your potentials so that you do not start a course and only discover halfway through that it is not the right one for you and time, money and effort may have been wasted by that time.

Our intakes are at the beginning of each month, but you will need to register at least 1-2 weeks before the month ends, so that you receive your time table and Study Pack in good time. The Study Pack contains everything i.e. notes, syllabus, past papers, examiner, etc

Once we are able to accept you, we will advice you to register with the overseas institution so that the institution send s to you the admission letter plus student ID. It is important to note that you will be registered directly by the overseas institution since DALC is only a teaching centre for the overseas institutions. You will also need to register for exams at a later and appropriate time.

Credit Transfers to bachelors or masters Degree levels varies from university to university. most (especially top universities)would always require additional subjects/modules plus GMART/GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, computer literacy evidence and an oral interview to ascertain interpersonal skills in addition to diploma qualification. A lot of consideration is given to those with work place experince, other qualification or if you have other exceptional achievements.

Some universities  accept a 10,000 word project(bachelors) or a 20,000 word project (masters) for those who complete the diploma at NVQ L4 and NVQ L5 respectively, for credit transfers to bachelors or masters degrees, respectively. Upgrades are GUARANTEED in many universities within 3 months of your course completion, most universities will contact you with upgrade details

Classes are available Day Time (9-4 pm), Evening (6-8 pm) and there is a possibility of Long Distance Learning. Class attendance depends on the module run for the month but a minimum of 2-3 days of attendance with the tutor is expected with remaining 2-3 days for research in industry. We do also have Saturday classes (9am to 1pm).

It is our policy that THERE IS NO WRITING NOTES in class. These are provided in advance with textbooks lists and assignments to read at home, so that when you attend class, you just clarify the points with your tutor. This makes you move faster hence the concept of "fast-track" candidates.

I must advise that CAMBRIDGE OR OXFORD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION COURSES OR RELATED INSTITUTION courses are of VERY HIGH STANDARDS and we expect candidates to work extremely hard, and achieve distinctions, if they have to get upgrades in high profile universities.

All exams are marked in UK and certificates come from the UK institution.

We therefore attach a lot of importance to punctuality, regularity and consistency in your work while at DALC.

Once again many thanks for showing interest in us.


Nick Ole Koyiet
Centre Manager
Westlands Campus

Mobile: +254 721 396 643/+254 721 396 643
Telephone: +254 20 6752098/87


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