Monday, May 11, 2009



It is the graduation season once again and hundreds will be graduating from DALC with various diplomas most of which are not accredited. The real purpose of this graduation is to put a mental seal and complete the contract with students who will walk home whistling tunes and singing DALC praises. Why not, after all they have a UK diploma from Cambridge Association of Managers (they think it exists somewhere in the UK) or from Oxford Association of Managers (which does not exist in the UK) and they will plunge into the job market with improved vigour.


What they do not know is that they are victims of a cartel. This cartel targets people in third world countries who consider Education to be their only ticket to success. The more foreign sounding the institution the better. These tricksters rely on the allure of English sounding names that have come to be associated with academic excellence e.g. Cambridge and Oxford. The students will get worthless papers that really have no recognition anywhere and that cannot be recognized in genuine education institution.


The cartel owners are aware of this slight hitch so they have their own universities where student who hold their worthless diplomas can get a degree of equal worth but a degree anyway. So if you have the persistent desire to be a degree holder, worry no more. There is time and universities that will take you, give you any degree you want as long as you do not insist too much on accreditation. To these scammers, accreditation as they say is not obligatory. Therefore, they do not appreciate the need to be accredited.


For example look at DALC's accreditation issues. There was a problem with its accreditation status but then this is Kenya and we suspect that the commission for higher education was compromised to accredit DALC. As a result DALC was endorsed to offer two courses, Diploma in Computing and Diploma in Business Management. This accreditation assumes that these courses are taught and examined by DALC education and Diplomas offered by DALC.


DALC Education on the other hand, recognizes that their brand has little appeal and has therefore continued to market Cambridge and Oxford course through Association that are nothing but fronts to trick unknowing people. They keep it ambiguous so that you think it's the famous CAMBRIDGE that even our grandfathers respected. If you look at a DALC sign outside the college, it says CAMBRIDGE & OXFORD without further information on what these two institutions they represent are.


DALC does not disclose details of the CAMBRIDGE or OXFORD ASSOCIATIONS that the grandaunts will be receiving diplomas from. In fact, these associations do not have faculty, departments or an examination board yet it offers Diplomas all the way Postgraduate level in courses such as Actuarial Science.


Our investigation at the UK registrar of companies prove that CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS and OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT do not currently exist and were initially registered as limited companies. Not as examination bodies as DALC head of Missions Humphrey Oborah would have you believe.  These two have also never been accredited and have no UK students to show for all their English flair. Even when they existed, they operated as dormant companies meaning that they were not trading. This is sardonic considering the thousands of people who paid close to 1000 pounds for a diploma in Kenya, Cambodia and Malaysia.  


What does this hold for DALC students who will be graduating? Well, the future can only get worse as the truth about DALCs dubious deals will come to light and their Diplomas will not be worth the paper they are printed on. Former students will not be able to secure jobs with the credentials and the graduation day pictures will be a bitter reminder of how they got conned.


This will not be a Happy Graduation for those victims of fraud. It will be a bitter souvenir on the government's ineptitude, Humphrey Oborah's gluttony and Standard Groups unashamed promotion of a questionable organization.


Have a guarded graduation.


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