Wednesday, June 3, 2009


In pictures, we can prove that Humphrey Oborah is a scammer who is driven by greed for money and Kenyans hunger for foreign education. Off course he delivers UK education at an affordable cost and he pretends to only deal with Cambridge and Oxford, UK’s legendary centres of academic excellence.

To most people, getting admitted into Oborah’s institution must be the biggest moment of ones life. Oborah does not pretend that it is not the legendary Oxford and Cambridge University qualifications he is offering people.

He lays the carpet excellently with pictures of Cambridge and Oxford University buildings in his prospectus, speaks with a TV-acquired English twang, holds graduation ceremonies in the hired halls of OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE University, claims that you can upgrade to a degree at CAMBRIDGE AND OXFORD UNIVERSITY upon finishing your diploma here. That sounds reasonable. Do your diploma here, and then upgrade in the UK. Save on money, time and hassle of travel.

But wait, how many people have left DALC to join CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD UNIVERSITY? Can you name one? See how this International scammer who harbours political ambitions works with other scam artist to defraud unknowing 3rd World people with degrees and diplomas from prestigious sounding associations that do not even exist!!!

Oborah gets ready to give powers to Irish international University graduates in Malaysia despite the fact that he has no PhD… and that Irish International University is a fake uni

There is Oborah again, during the Irish International university graduation ceremony in Malaysia.

Oborha’s wife and partner in the dubious DALC Faith Kinyae business receives a PhD from the bogus Irish International University’s official.

Oborah Sitting among the officials of the phony Irish International University at the Malaysia Graduation ceremony.

Keenly following the events at the sham Irish International University graduation ceremony in the UK. now you know see how prestigious it is to graduate in a hired hall in the UK where a strange man with a handlebar moustache awards you a diploma that absolutely worthless!!!

Humphrey Oborah, Faith Kinyae and another one of those Irish University people who is also an Oxford Association of Managers official and is also a Cambridge fellow. They all seem happy, probably because there is money in the bank.

There’s the group photo of the UK graduation ceremony. Oborah is strongly representing us, too bad that this is a meeting of rogue academics and pretenders.

These pictures show Oborah and his band of scammers who work round the clock to keep the education scam going on with all these ceremonies, awards and events.

They want your money, period.


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