Monday, April 13, 2009


  1. Tell them that the examination bodies CAM/OXIM do not exist
  2. Tell them that the money they pay for Examinations does not go to the UK but to your pockets
  3. Tell them that you and your wife print the certificates to save costs
  4. Tell them that CAM/OXIM are not accredited anywhere
  5. Tell them that the CHE has never accredited CAM/OXIM courses
  6. Tell them that the staff who teach them are CAM diploma holders
  7. Tell them that you have a fake Professorship from WIDU, that you did not go to Cambridge university as you have previously claimed
  8. Tell them that there are no real intellectuals at DALC but you prefer to work with half wits like the Westlands CM and the other Kericho layabout.
  9. Tell them how you harass female staff
  10. TEll them about the high staff turnover
  11. Tell them that the courses are accredited by QAC which is a fake accreditation body
  12. Tell the that accreditation for 150 courses is still pending
  13. Tell them that you have been helping DALC students get degrees from Irish International University and European Business School which are all fake.
  14. Tell them that there are alot of people questioning DALC
  15. Tell them that the career forecasting thing is a bunch of hogwash
  16. Tell them those CAmbridge University pictures on your prospectus are downloaded from the internet and have no real connection to those institutions.
  17. Tell them the registration letters and IDs coming from the UK is another of your many lies
  18. Show them all the foolish bulletins you posted last year (especially the WIDU ones)
  19. Tell them that your associates Sandhu and Kempe run international Diploma Mills
  20. Tell them that DALC Education will soon be under scrutiny of the CHE board
  21. Tell them that DAVY KOECH who was removed from KEMRI for many scandals, is now the proud chairman of DALC!


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