Thursday, April 23, 2009


Persuasion and influence techniques

Social psychology demonstrates that there are at least six factors of persuasion that are highly likely to persuade or influence others. For scammers it is important that they close the deal by convincing you to join their swindle. How do they do this?

  • Authority. People are highly likely, in the right situation, to be highly responsive to assertions of authority, even when the person who purports to be in a position of authority is questionable. How does DALC employ this technique? The Head Missions claims to be able to foretell the career of your 5 year old son. He is also the educationist who will save the local education from the doldrums. What makes the DALC HEAD of Missions an authority? Well, he has studied at the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY (even though he was not physically present) and is a Professor of the WIDU (a fake varsity according to the US government). He is like a quack in a white lab coat, stethoscope and horn-rimmed glasses who speak with an aura of authority.

  • Scarcity. Kenyans are highly responsive to things foreign particularly when it comes to Education. Good education is scarce and foreign education by the well known institutions is next to impossible. So on this scarcity, DALC has built a name by providing CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD courses to bridge this scarcity. Of course these courses are exclusive. So you miss it and your shot at UK education is gone because DALC is the exclusive teaching centre for Cambridge and Oxford. The only catch is that the institutions awarding the exclusive Diplomas do not exist and have never been accredited in the UK.
  • Similarity. It is a truly human tendency to connect things based on names. DALC EDUCATION knows that very well and for this reason they flaunt the CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD in their marketing. They also add Cambridge University and Oxford pictures in their prospectus incase you don’t see the similarity. There is nothing Cambridge and Oxford at DALC, absolutely nothing but you see the pictures of the two universities buildings. The strange white people in the DALC website will help you see the similarities clearly. DALC EDUCATION is a totally Kenyan entity, why all these pictures of foreigners and UK universities?

  • Social proof. One of the mental shortcuts on which we rely, in determining what course of action is most appropriate, is to look to see what other people in the vicinity are doing or saying. This phenomenon, known as social proof. This is best observed by looking at DALC students who when faced with evidence that they are getting Diploma, look at others and ask. How comes the government has done nothing about it? How comes others are still studying at DALC and are getting jobs? How comes Oborah is on TV? Remember DECI? They went to churches and in the end, stole peoples money in Kenyas biggest PONZI scheme!

Check the facts ladies and gentlemen, do not be scammed!


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