Friday, April 24, 2009


Oborah should start a comedy show in which people will be laughing AT how a self proclaimed professor with a fake British accent can be really stupid ( YES I SAID IT STUPID), I wonder what goes on in this man's oval head....lets analyze the below lies
  • All those guys who left were a band of thieves, the police are tracking them - Here Oborah says that all the staff who left are thieves? Well I wont and cant blame him here because he too is a THIEF  and thieves have this bad tendency of blaming other people so that they look like they are the good one. Oborah himself is the biggest thieve of all, first you don't pay taxes, you refuse to pay staff who are resign even with notice, you steal from innocent kenyans. Hello?
  • The people who left feared the online system because it had made them powerless the online system made no one powerless it made Oborah do everything and play with peoples mind
  • I told them to quit or get fired! WE resigned you fool, who do you think you are, Donald Trump?
  • I sent them to get more education. They were not meeting DALC's standards of Education ..... where did you send them to?
  • I have sponsored them for further education overseas, give us names please
Over and over the years DALC always has problems about whether it is genuine or not, but Oborah thinks he is bright because he knows very well that students come and go and he will always pull a Donald TRUMP stunt to his employees, but shock on him and his semi- illiterate wife Faith Kinyae this time.

We got all his moves on Check and are well informed.

Three weeks ago the Professor from WIDU told students that 'if the certificates are printed in his Parklands  house how come we ( the bloggers have never exposed it) well time will tell. Well, why did he have to transfer his loyal messenger Dominic who is the only person who knew about the printing SCAM?


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