Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unusual Characteristics of the DALC Cult

1. Do you swear total allegiance to an all-powerful leader who you believe to be the Educational Messiah? The one who will save all of you that other universities refused?

2. Is Rational thought is discouraged or forbidden? I mean, are you allowed to ask the man where he got his degrees and why he collaborates with fishy institutions. Are you taught to dismiss newspaper articles that question your company.

3. Is the recruitment technique deceptive. I mean what do the career tests lead to? Which Cambridge is he talking about?

4. Are you overly dependent upon DALC to solve your  problems.

5. Does DALC manipulate guilt to their advantage. DO they make you feel bad for speaking the truth about them?

6. Does the DALC head make all the career and life decision of the members.

7. Does the DALC leader seem interested only in his own material survival and make false promises to work to improve society.

8. Are you  isolated from the outside education  world  with all these outlandish modes and projects?.

9.  Do you believe that only DALc will be a remnant who will survive the soon-approaching obsolescence of the educations systems .

10. Do you follow an education philosophy that is not existent elsewhere and believe that it is because of creativity.

11. DALC, particularly in regard to their finances, are shrouded in secrecy.

12. There is frequently an aura of or potential for violence or threats around DALC?


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