Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oborah Humphrey: DALC's HIGH PRIEST

DALC has an army of defenders who come at us with all manner of vitrol and shizzel whenever one questions their institution. We have come with concrete evidence the CAM/OXIM qualifications are a load of drivel because they do not exist. We pointed to link that shows that the two were registered as private companies that no longer exist as they changed names.

We have showed that DALC receives money on behalf of the dubious IIU university. We have also exposed Oborah's lies here and reminded student using Oborah's words exactly what lies he has told. We have also showed links to other websites where the DALC prospectus were "dubbed" from. Those who have any doubts can go to the Oregon State Education Department website and see that Oborah's World Distributed University is a sham. We did not create all those websites, we simply pointed to their existence.. Yet DALC students are defending the man with the aggression of a wounded tiger calling us all sorts of names.

Why won't they question Oborah on all his inconsistencies with the same vigour? He is the high priest of an Educational Cult. In cults, high priests are never questioned or disobeyed and DALC works alot like a cult. Oborah and Oborah only speaks for DALC and decides where DALC is going and knows the future of the world education which he is preparing people for at DALC as he warns that all other institutions apart from DALC will be obsolete in 25 years.

Cult leaders rely on charisma which is defined as "a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader or military commander); a special magnetic charm, or appeal."

According to Webber, a charismatic leader was "a sorcerer with an innovative aura and a personal magnetic gift, [who] promoted a specific doctrine.(practical education, gift and talent tests)...[and was] concerned with himself rather than involved with others. Charisma is not evil. The combination of charisma and psychopathy is a Lethal mixture - perhaps it is the very recipe used the Jim Jones of this world. People who convince others to sell their earthly belongings and drink poison. Oborah is no different as he is convincing people to take up diplomas from institutions that do not even exist which will ruin the future of thousands of people.

In the long run, skills of persuasion (which may or may not be charismatic) are more important to Oborah than charisma. That is why he invented a crisis ( the demise of education as we know it) took advantage of a crisis (joblessness) and now is pushing the cure for these as DALC EDUCATION every Tuesday on KTN . This systematic manipulative abuse and exploitation of people is found in all spheres of DALC. We have seen how he manipulates students so as not to refund money (he tells them not to anger the international partners), we have seen how he manipulates students whenever they question his treatment of the staff( he says he fires staff because the students deserve good service).

The populace insecurities about jobs will have an instant cure because DALC promises practical education that is set for the future. He says his system guarantees jobs because you write case studies.

To kill the talk about DALC's papers recognition, Oborah is now publicly talking down the importance of recognition. He shamelessly says that certificates and papers will be obsolete and it will not matter where you studied but how. If KTN broadcasts the class long enough, gullible people will change their perception and think that what Oborah says is right. The rational ones know that schools can never be equal and even 100 years from now, people will always want to know where you studied.

Like the DALC students who mindlessly and without facts defend DALC, they are willingly taking a poisonous pill and ruining their education after the preachings of an educational messiah who holds a degree from a fake university.

Two writers have used the label 'Trust Bandit' to describe the psychopathic personality. Trust Bandit is indeed an apt description of this thief of our hearts, souls, minds, bodies, and pocketbooks. Learn to recognize the personality style of the Trust Bandit to protect yourself from further abuse.


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