Wednesday, April 22, 2009



As a follow up to the hugely successful season one of THE KLASS, KNT will be airing a new programme that has been developed by DALC's celebrated professor and jack of anything H. Oborat. The show will be known as:


HOborat: Who to blame?


 As you will remember, the super imaginative professor appeared in all episodes of THE KLASS where he lectured Kenyans on their problems and the solutions using the now useless career forecasting gift within talent system. KNT has been overwhelmed by his capacity, public speaking skills, multi talents and the fact that he never ever bats an eyelid.


The new program will be a game show sponsored by DACL. In this game show, Oborat tells white lies and the viewers choose who is to blame for the lies. It has been established that he is not to be held responsible for his lies. A scientist from KEMRI recently intimated that deceit is wired into his genes. As a result, the viewers will have to choose a scapegoat for every lie the professor tells.


Speaking to the bloggers, the KNT programmes manager said that the HOborat: Who to blame? Set-up will be similar to the deal or no deal show with the only difference being that in the boxes will be pictures of scapegoats.  "For example when OBORAT says that he is a professor which is obviously a lie, the participant will choose a box that has a picture of the scapegoat", he said. The scapegoat in such a case could be Oborat's jealous neighbour, the bearded man, Al Pacino, Mickey Mouse, the Graffins college watchman, the fly on the wall or even Saddam.


"The important thing is that people choose the proper scapegoat to every lie the phony professor tells", he added. "When says UK marking of examinations", the participant must point out the right scape goat as quickly as possible. The winners will get courses at the DACL College at different levels depending on how many points they score. Those with high scores will get a free postgraduate course with the highest exemptions from the QAC a fake accreditation agency while the lowly scores will get a DACL Gift and Talent package.


Those who excel at the game will also get "upgrades" to some mysterious UK universities such as Hertfordshire, Greenwich and the Ireland International University of Malaysia. The viewers at home will not be left behind as they stand to win a Professorship from the WIDU (where Oborah is a Professor) without studying and get a cavalier of TV medal in the grand draw. This is billed as Kenyas next big thing. More thrilling than the OMO PICK A BOX and CHURCHILL LIVE combined!!


KNT anticipates that the new TV SHOW will give it some mileage in the skirmish for the local programmes crown where it is lagging behind all other stations.


It will be presented by the critically disclaimed and well known KNT star Mahai Mutau who also starred in THE KLASS last season.


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