Monday, January 19, 2009

REVEALED. DALC's Web Content is Plagiarised from other Websites

True to its dubious character, DALC's website is full of material from elsewhere.People should take a dim view of an institution that does not even take time to describe its courses but opts to copy/paste from other prestigious institutions and then pass them off as its own after adding a CAM/OXIM logo.
This is surprising given the threats that Oborah constantly issues to students in regard to plagiarism. Take time to read the Cambridge Advanced Diploma in Business Management here. Now paste the first paragraph in google and search and you find this sentence
Whether you’re looking to broaden your understanding of business as a whole, or seeking to develop specific workplace skills"
appears exactly as it is on Metropolitan College of Toronto's website. Now copy the next paragraph, paste and search in google and you find
As industry becomes more and more competitive, the course allows you to have your skills assessed and formally accredited and provides you with ...
is actually borrowed from Skyline Training Institute in Kuwait.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management's description is copied entirely from here. The same is the case for the Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science programme as described in DALC's website which was actually stolen from University of Kent's Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. It says:
Actuaries deal with the evaluation and management of financial risks, particularly those associated with companies within the financial services industry. They form a small yet well respected and influential profession. Students from this course have also gone on to successful careers in other jobs such as accountancy, banking or operational research. If you are good at mathematics and you are curious about financial matters, you should enjoy studying actuarial science.
Now I leave you to judge if maybe the prestigious Kent plagiarised DALC's website or is the reverse possible.

I went further and looked at the Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies and google is the best search engine for a reason. The phrase
This focus reflects recent changes within the legal system that encourage greater use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms instead of the traditional adversarial approach.
in DALC's prospectus is copied from the last line of the second paragraph from the Royal Roads University Bachelor of Arts in Justice studies page.
According to DALC's website, the Cambridge Graduate Diploma in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management course
"discusses the income generating ability of securities, forecasts of trends in the stock and bond markets, fundamental and technical analysis, application of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), analysis of active and passive investment strategies, and measurement of portfolio performance."
just like it is Karnataka Open University and the United School of Business. I have found enough evidence to convince you that there is more than meets the eye at DALC EDUCATION. Some questions need to be asked but the people who should be doing that are the ministry of education and the media who are either corrupt or just too lazy to bother. Maybe media practitioners will be pleased to learn that DALC's Graduate Diploma in Mass Media prospectus is plagiarised from

The question here is, does DALC have any integrity?


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