Saturday, January 24, 2009


H. Sandhu also known as Professor Dr. Sandhu is the alleged President that Oborah visits ever so often in the UK. He probably gives Oborah a commission for every student hoodwinked to join his prestigious institutions. He is the Kingpin of the mill and cleverly setup his own accreditation body QAC-UK that you now see in your transcripts and certificates.

Prestigious soundign institutions are his forte and he owns QAC-UK, Oxford Association of Management, Cambridge Association of Managers,London Centre of Marketing, Irish International University of which he is the Executive President & Pro-Chancellor. Whatever that means.

He holds a honorary degree from a Carribean University and is a Doctor of Philosophy, Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest in the world), and the Title of Full Professor of European Academy of Informatization and the World Information Distributed University in March, 2006.

Why he is a con


He runs all these unaccredited institutions from a mailbox and then accredits them with his quackish sounding QAC-UK. His scam has been exposed by the BBC but surprisingly, he attended DALC's graduation in 2008 Period.

According to the BBC "the organisation is unaccredited and hundreds of students have been given educational visas to enter Britain and take its exams at private colleges in London.

The IIU, which has 5,000 students worldwide and thousands of graduates, maintains the illusion of a valid education through its elaborate but highly misleading website. This illusion is enhanced by the university's continued use of Oxford and Cambridge facilities to stage its award ceremonies.After each event photographs appear on the IIU website showing happy students receiving awards at the UK's best seats of learning."

Does that sound familiar with what happens at DALC? The graduations in the UK followed by pictures in the albums, websites and a TV documentary to boot? Well its part of the con.

IIU further claims, " Irish International University of Europa, established in July 1995 as a private corporate professional and vocational institution, is an open institution offering programs via distance education. It is not officially recognized as a degree-granting institution in Ireland. It is accredited by the Association of Distance Learning Programs, a division of the National Academy of Higher Education in the United States". Neither of the accrediting bodies are officially recognized as accrediting organizations in the United States. Find more about Oborah's sidekick from the Links below.



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