Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diploma Mills comparison with DALC (Digital Advisory Learning Centre)

Diploma mills

“Diploma mills are frequently named to sound confusingly similar to those of prestigious accredited academic institutions. Despite the fact that trademark law is intended to prevent this situation, diploma mills continue to employ various methods to avoid legal recourse.” (Wikipedia)

An example of this is EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL-CAMBRIDGE/CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS/OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT. “In their marketing and advertising campaigns, the mills will often misleadingly claim to be "accredited" when, in fact, many are found to have been endorsed by "dummy" accreditation board”(Wikipedia) in this case Quality Assurance Commission-UK (QAC-UK). This accreditation mill is set up by the owners of the same diploma mills and you can find the evidence on any of the certificates adorning the DALC walls or your own certificate.

In an attempt to appear more legitimate to potential students they have published a book – THE UK HANDBOOK OF QUALIFICATIONS that lists EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL-CAMBRIDGE/CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS/OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT/IRISH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY alongside legitimate qualifications such ACCA, ABE, CFA. This is a kin to putting some oranges in a basket of mangoes and hoping the apple buyer doesn’t notice.

Characteristics of diploma mills (from Wikipedia)

Diploma mills share a number of characteristics that differentiate them from respected institutions, although some legitimate institutions can also exhibit one or more such characteristics.[1] Some common characteristics are:

  • They lack accreditation by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Ask the simple question, where are CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS/OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT/ BUSINESS SCHOOL-CAMBRIDGE accredited and by whom. DALC may flaunt their accreditation on the front page of the paper for all I care. But this is corrupt Kenya and it doesn’t matter really because the commission has not accredited the CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS/OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT. These should be accredited in the UK by a government agency, not in a funny Island, UNESCO, a tiny Asian country or QAC. Period!!If in need of confirmation, chek with the british council.
  • No teaching facilities — e.g. EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL-CAMBRIDGE/CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS/OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT/IRISH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Maybe Oborah might revert to his favourite explanation of these being OPEN universities but do not be fooled. An open university does not operate from a mailbox or one dingy office.
  • There is little or no interaction with professors. Even if comments and corrections to coursework are given, they do not affect getting the degree. The tutors may serve only to write compliments to the "student" that can be given as references. Who knows someone who recently failed at DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre)?? Yeah, the lecturers may mark and give comments but that is to fool you into thinking it means something.
  • Either there are no faculty members or they hold advanced degrees from the institution itself or from other diploma mills. They may also sport legitimate degrees that are, however, unrelated to the subject they teach.
  • Academic credit is offered for "life experience," and this is featured heavily in the selling points of the institution. Oborah loves to tell teachers (among other people) that he can help them get a degree if they have work experience. He keeps saying relevant experience and all the proof that is required is just a CV, that’s it. In the real academic world it is absolute balderdash or we could say simply nonsense.
  • Tuition and fees are paid on a per-degree basis rather than on a per-semester, per-quarter or per-course basis. This is also known as the upgrade fee, the fee structure has this.
  • The institution has no library, personnel, publication or research. In short, very little that is tangible can be found about the "institution". Yeah DALC is offering students ebooks in the name of modernization. Maybe the European Business School Cambridge has a library and fulltime faculty now that their Degree cost a lot more.
  • Doctoral theses and dissertations are not available from University Microfilms International or a national repository or even the institution's own library. Self explanatory isn’t it. Where all the theses DALC students, Oborah and others are have written. Can they be accessed somewhere?? Can an employer confirm the topic of research from the University’s archive??
  • Promotional literature contains grammatical and spelling errors, words in Latin, extravagant or pretentious language, and sample diplomas. The school's website looks amateurish or unprofessionally made. Check DALC’s (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) Yellow prospectus, Irish University and QAC-UK website for these spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Despite being situated in such a diploma mill-friendly country, the school has no students from that country, and is run entirely by non-native staff. Check how big CAM/OXIM is in the UK. You think they have thousands of students in the UK? Surely, they would have an established base in the UK before expanding to the 3rd world? They don’t.So ask why a prestigious sounding UK institution is busy in Africa and Asia and not visible in the UK. All the graduants are from Africa and Asia.


  • This stuff should be let out in the open.i am am x-dalc student and i know that dalc is fake.i have a relative who has been in dalc for 4 yrs and is pursuing a hurts to know the amount he is wasting and has wasted.somebody please do something.lets bring this cons add on that,oborah wants to be an M.P.Isnt it clear enough that he is after the money.who doesnt know that in africa wealth is found in politics unlike the U.S where biggest source of wealth is entertainment.ask yourselves,how can an 'internationaly recognised proffesor with links globally' want to settle for politics in suffering country.its clear he wants to join the league of the corrupt and Ruto.who get away with anything and leave other suffering.thats his gate way out and he seems to have realized this.If he gets into gnvernment then his political influence will save him while kenyans suffer.oborah,i swear to God,your time is nearing.this time you are going down.

    March 24, 2009 at 10:28 AM

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