Monday, September 14, 2009


DALC IS proud to announce the UK GRADUATION. This is the final part of the con game where students are taken to UK for a dinner with Sandhu and Co. This is to make the students feel as if they did get a legitimate UK Education and actually go to the UK to graduate. Take a look at the Irish International University, Isles International Universitie, Oxford Association of Managers, Cambridge Association of Managers, Quality Assurance Commission websites and realise that the company's are all bogus and run by the same clique.
This is the clique that will be hosting unknowing Kenyans telling them they are capable of achieving anything because they have world class education. This will be in the hope that eventually everybody goes home happy to have graduated. DALC is the only college I know of that sends students to the UK for a dinner. That is a first for a Kenyan college. Part of the reason why Oborah considers himself a genius.
As Kenyans waste some more and money attending useless ceremonies, let us all remember a few facts.
  • The graduation is held in the hired halls of either Oxford/ Cambridge University to hoodwink attendants into making a connection with the prestigious institutions
  • All the Graduants are from 3rd world countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Cambodia
  • UK governement education officials are never invited to these graduations.
  • Despite this being a useless ceremony, they scammers still charge a hefty GBP 925 as graduation fees. Kenyans will pay more than Ksh. 114,000 just to graduate.Clearly, they screw you to the last day.


Date Posted: 2009-09-06

The UK Graduation is set for 31st October 2009.

Completing candidates wishing to go for the same, need to send and email to  and confirm availability of the following:


- Valid Passport with at least 6 free pages for visa engravement

- Consistent bank statement for the last 6-7 months (March to October 2009), indicating enough money for air ticket and upkeep during graduation period. There should be no abrupt cash or cheque deposits to this account, as this will indicate  that you are doing so to influence the outcome of the visa.

- Copies of transcripts and certificates as well as birth certificates or marriage certificates and ID

- Evidence that you will return to Kenya or your country once the graduation is over. This may include letter from employer or sponsor, evidences of  family property e.g copies of business registrations, stockmarket shares, house titles, etc

- 2 coloured passport size photos on white background

- Air ticket: Draft Booking with an airline to arrive a day before graduation date, and also indicating return dates. This can be obtained easily through a traveling agent as "Provisional Booking". You will choose your own airline since you will be paying for the air ticket separately.

Visa Fees - Approx Ksh. 10,000


GBP 925



  • I like this blog because it illustrates everything that is wrong with Kenya. We have the facts that this DALC thing is not right but we still defend it. Just like those pyramid schemes, we know deep down that they can't last but the quick profits blind us. The DALC supporters know that it won't last, but it is one hell of a quick diploma

    September 14, 2009 at 2:02 PM

  • I just wonder how successful those applying for visas to the UK from DALC will be. According to this link: from the UK border agency there's a crackdown on bogus institutions. The agency now checks if you are going to an approved education provider (there's a PDF file with all the approved ones). CAM/OXIM doesn't happen to be one of them, so many will get a really nasty shock...

    September 15, 2009 at 1:37 PM

  • Kenya
    Institution Misleading Students into Believing they are Working Towards Oxbridge Degrees

    Thousands of students are reportedly enrolling at an eight-campus institution in Kenya under the misguided belief that they will be working towards degrees from possibly the two most famous universities in the world – Cambridge and Oxford. The Digital Advisory Learning Centre (DALC) claims to offer diploma and degree certification from the two universities but the reality is that the institution is in fact collaborating with the Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management, which run separate colleges offering management courses but which have no working relationship with either Cambridge or Oxford Universities.

    The two colleges are accredited by Quality Assurance Commission Limited, owned by a Malaysian businessman and not recognized by UK education authorities, reports Business Daily.

    The Kenyan newspaper also reports that there are approximately 600 colleges registered to operate in Kenya, with only 10 accredited to offer programs in collaboration with foreign universities. And of the 60 colleges that have applied for such accreditation from the Commission for Higher Education, only 18 have passed preliminary benchmarks in the last two years.

    DALC has been operating in Kenya for four years and enrolls approximately 1,000 students. In addition to working with outfits in the UK with questionable accreditation and recognition status, DALC itself is not on an official CHE list of colleges authorized to offer degrees or diplomas in collaboration with foreign institutions, although it does have the authority to offer its own programs. Questions surrounding DALC surfaced two years ago after the British Council omitted it from the roll of colleges it recommends to students wishing to transfer or earn credits at UK institutions. A list of all accredited colleges operating in Kenya reportedly will be published in April.

    - Business Daily
    March 9, 2008

    September 16, 2009 at 7:36 AM

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