Monday, September 28, 2009

OBORAH: HE'S out for the money

We have seen for ourselves how the DALC sales ( conned students) have drastically gone down. In my view, it must be causing the naughty professor some trouble. But worry not, for Oborah is a schemer through and through. He is now tricking people into buying computers through DALC. We are now reliably informed that Oborah has a shipment of ex Uk laptops that are waiting to be dished out to DALC students like "njugu" and then the students have to pay for the computers over a period of 6 months.

We take great exception to Oborah's new scheme. Surely he is manipulating students into getting laptops on top of paying his inflated fees and dubious UK examination and graduation fees. Parents will now have to buy laptops through Oborah's new scheme. Sadly, he keeps things sketchy like he always does with everything. Take note that he has not talked of processor speeds, hardisk space or brands of the computers. He does not want you to start making comparisons with the current market rates.

In the online portal, the students get an option to choose the specification of their computer. The students can choose a laptop with or without a webcam. That is the most useless option an academic of Oborah's standing could offer. That has nothing to do with academics, nada. Infact, webcams are use for video chats. So DALC students will be paying for webcam enabled laptops!!!

I am sure that he has failed to fully disclose the other information regarding the laptops because it is yet another way for him to scam money off innocent Kenyans.

He ruthlessly manipulates DALC students by flaunting the laptops as tools of the next century education alleging that DALC is forward looking. So ditching desktops for laptops will improve the quality of education at DALC?? What hogwash. He is simply manipulating students. After all, wouldn't any college student give an arm to get a laptop that has a webcam.

Oborah is simply diverting attention from issues by throwing laptops and wireless internet to students so they can browse all day and chat on their webcam enabled notebooks. DALC Education in effect will not spend any money on equipment (DESKTOPS) whilst making a tidy profit by supplying its students with laptops. HOW CLEVER. Why don't you throw in external TV cards and 2.1 speakers into the mix. I am sure the students would find those useful too. Humphrey, how long are you going to use technology to cheat Kenyans?

Only fools would think that giving students webcam enabled laptops means quality education.

Kenyans are yet again parted from their money.


  • let those who know how to con con,for those sleeping like you wake up and make money,after all

    September 30, 2009 at 4:48 PM

  • Dear bloggers,

    The new nightmare at DALC: Wachuka and Lecturer evaluation.

    The other day a fucking blogger asked for information about the not so sexy wachuka. From the winds she is the new nightmare at DALC. Tough looking, tough talking no nonsense lady. Talk of a grand coalition.This is indeed a dream come true. A true blend of cultures. Interethinic intellectual marriage. A Luo professor and a true Kikuyu with some UK training. Agwabo should know this. He will indeed visit oborah for some ideas on how it works.

    Anyway, that aside. Wachuka is the person to take DALC to the next level. From the winds, she has introduced new rules for lecturers. No pay for work not done.

    Lecturers are now the ones flirting with students, begging them to complete their assignments failure to which they will not be paid. Even those who used to be so proud are begging us in class. Please dears, submit your assignments and projects on time or i will not be paid. I am asking all my fellow students to riot. Dont submit any assignmnets or projects in time. Let this idiots called lecturers suffer, wakonde kabisa......Let them go down on their knees, beg us to complete our assignments in good time. Wanjinga, jinga jinga

    October 1, 2009 at 9:47 AM

  • so oborah is stealing from students and lecturers too/ anybody has wachukas number?

    October 1, 2009 at 12:26 PM

  • The person asking for Wachukas number is not so intelligent. Anyway just send an email to her if you are creative you will do it and nobody will know you. Just create a new Email you can even use her name to create an new G mail account.Send a mail to

    October 1, 2009 at 1:28 PM

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