Monday, October 19, 2009


FELAS, I think this was Erick who posted this comment! See how he starts by defending the DALC staff. Is seems to me like a last gasp plea to Oborah. Oh..All falls down! tHE delayed paycheck must have caused this, now i throw my head back and laugh!!

The new employees may have very good and bright ideas for DALC, having come from the Corporate world and the lady from KEMU. No wonder you have immediately started feeling the effects of Performance Contracts!! This is the order of the day in the Corporate world for those who have only worked in DALC!! However, Oborah and Faith are not that smart. Having recruited well talented people of this calibre, the best they should have done is to package them well, ensure their salaries are not delayed like lecturers so that they are not bogged down by the unique problems and ongoings in DALC, but can remain focussed and energised to ensure that what they are putting in place is finally realized!

Instead, Prof has forgotten that this is another set of former DALC students whom he will pay late, and in bits since that is the DALC way of doing things: frustrate employees, yule anataka aende!! Days for this kind of reasoning are numbered! Employees in such high offices are exposed to all kinds of the ongoings hence you sack them at your risk!!

Take for example Erick, he has been absorbing all the heat from staff, threats as well on his cellphone as well as by mail, yet the Oborah's don't care, after all Erick can now attend to all and sundry while their phones are off!!! This is the same staff you find Oborah paying in bits and late and still expects him to faithfully defend and talk on behalf of DALC to anybody enquiring anything!!

This tells you that Oborah has never and cannot be wise as he wants to be believed!! Instead he manages by issuing threats and using spies like messenger Dominic to spy on even senior employees!! For how long do you think this management style will survive?? Very short lived!!

Students constantly take back Certificates with printing errors or other forms of errors, purpotted to have been made in the UK! Kwani hawa wazungu are that careless to be making such stupid errors that often?? I am told all these nowadays are received by Erick first then he forwards to Oborah!! You want to tell me this guy by now cannot be wondering whats up in DALC??

Then Oborah makes matters worse by frustrating the same characters in their pay like any Tom Dick and Hurry!! If I were thenew employees, I would have by now kept so many copies of such so called docs with errors to use when the right time comes i.e when fired!!!

That is why I said you play around with such characters as you have done with us at your own risk!! If you have a brain, you better change your strategy Oborah and Faith!! The world is keenly watching you!!


  • DALC is ours. for my sister faith and the husband Oborah. people are having jealusy and malise because their sister is not like mine and dalc is ours. you will leave us with it and go home. i dnt hav to be clever, i wait fr a salary and repot on my centa manajer . then i cheat students that i love them and do it with them. i am a hero, u are sad amd miserable. obora is saving my money fr me and oneday i will get my shares. wat will you get?

    Elvis Kins-Nakuru

    October 19, 2009 at 7:11 PM

  • Elvis,
    I know your biggest desire is to become a woman. Then you can get married to Oborah just like your sister. I can see you have some characteristics similar to Oborah, like sleeping with the students. Wait for monday we go on strike and we shall see what you will nyef nyef about sucker

    October 21, 2009 at 8:36 AM

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