Thursday, November 12, 2009


Isn’t it about time?

More than 300 articles and 44000 hits later. This blog is a testament of the power the we have to inform and mobilise people. We have presented lots of evidence that even DALC cannot contest. We have proven beyond any doubt that there is a lot of dishonesty that goes around DALC. The man behind the college is a dishonest, selfish individual.

He has taken the problems that bedevil the education sector to trick unknowing parents into paying for locally printed certificates at UK prices. We know where the money goes because among the bloggers are former DALC accountants who know how much DALC has scammed the people.

There is more than enough evidence to prove that DALC is a fraudulent instituiton that is probably engaged in money laundering and tax evasion. That makes some people criminals.

Now it is now time for action!!!!!! We have hamstrung DALC operations but Oborah is not resting on his laurels, he is busy crafting new deals with KREP bank that will guarantee him income. You will take a loan for a worthless paper that is not recognised anywhere!! Oborah will then tell the parents that a Certificate is Just paper, It content is the value.

He will thereafter claim that DALC is for entrepreneurs. Oborah says DALC is for people who will create jobs for others and not employment seekers. The foolish fall for this trick and start imagining that DALC training will make them entrepreneurs.

We must act. DALC EDUCATION and the CHE must tell us why Kenyans are doing these dodgy courses while the authorities look aside. Obviously colluding. The Eastafrican standard will also be shamed thoroughly in the coming days as we have copies of the mails that we have sent them over time asking them to investigate DALC. After all, they have their jicho pevu people busting scams such as CARTRACK all over the place.

We are going to put together a formal complain to the parliament, ministry of education, anti corruption authority,  KRA and other instituions that may be able to bust this scam. We hear that Nation media group is afraid of Oborah’s lawsuits so the media will not be of much help here.

Send your story of how your been scammed by DALC to and we will start to compile your stories and launch a formal complain. Maybe we might compile them into an ebook which you can download and forward to friends.

As usual we will not reveal your identities but the dossier must get to Bonny Khalwale among others. Lets get busy and compile the DALC SCAM DOSSIER . 

Send your DALC story to


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