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DALC STUDENTS, you had better read this article very keenly. This is what will happen in the near future. Mark our words, DALC will soon be history and you will be chasing after Oborahs shadows like demented madmen.
I will spare the lectures and urge you to learn from the Malaysians who were conned by the scammers led by H Sandhu with the dubious Irish International University degrees. You can learn from those who have been scammed or you can wait for the rude awakening.

'Grads' unable to contact IIU

PETALING JAYA: Attempts by a few "graduates" of alleged degree mill Irish International University (IIU) to contact their alma mater after the Starprobe's expose came to nought yesterday.

"I called their office many times but nobody picked up the phone. I just want to get a clarification from them," said a marketing executive who holds a Master's of Business Administration from the institution, which had changed its name to Isles International University.

The executive, who only wanted to be known as C.C. Lee, said she had been worried about her position at work since reading Sunday's Starprobe report on "dodgy" degrees.

When the Starprobe team checked out the official IIU office in Petaling Jaya - as stated in their website and correspondence - they were greeted by a padlocked door with only a forwarding number pasted on it.

When the Starprobe team tried to call the new number no one picked up the phone.
Wrong address:The official IIU office in Petaling Jaya is supposed to be in this block but it is sealed up.

A quick visit at the "new" office, located nearby, revealed that it was still operational.

Another IIU victim who only wanted to be known as Vernon said he was considering taking legal action against the institution.

"I was shocked to read the Starprobe report. My convocation ceremony in 2006 was very 'real' - it was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and I received my scroll from a deputy minister. We had guests of honour, who claimed to be academics from the European Union University, to witness the ceremony," he said.

Vernon, who works in the hospitality sector, said that he found out about the university from a booth the institution had set up at a Tesco outlet.

"I was browsing through their brochures when they offered me an opportunity to get a degree. They told me that with my 10 years of experience, I was eligible for a degree if I submitted a project paper. They showed me pictures of famous people who received degrees from them and video clips of their past convocation ceremonies," he said.

"I regret it now. I should have suspected that something was wrong because it was too easy but they really convinced me that my experience meant something and that their operation was legitimate.

All DALC students know that something is not right at the institution and there are many questions that need to be answered. Why is there so much secrecy at DALC? Why the uncertainty about exams, certificates, accreditation etc
People, prepare yourselves for this kind of drama once the shit hits the fan. We promise it will be for the best of all Kenyans. One day, you will be unable to contact the people who should know what happens to your money and the dubious certificates you are supposed to get.
It's already happening Oborah tries to distance himself from an institution that he created and runs to this day. He is the mastermind and architect of all that goes with DALC. Strangely, he is not picking up calls and has chosen to hire people to answer questions that he should be answering.
This story will be repeated here in Kenya by some Kenyans once DALC comes a cropper. Unfortunately, they will have been told and warned before. 

These words from one victim should scare you witless.

They told me that with my 10 years of experience, I was eligible for a degree if I submitted a project paper. They showed me pictures of famous people who received degrees from them and video clips of their past convocation ceremonies,"


  • Ok. Kenyans are getting cheated about the UK education. Please let us move from exposing DALC to taking some action. Someone needs to take some action real fast. We cannot keep reading about this thief yet he is riding around in cars that would make your mp jealous. I strongly feel that something needs to be done and action needs to be taken . The blog admin, help us stop this mongrel, we will not have more and more kenyans fall prey to DALC.

    November 12, 2009 at 8:50 AM

  • taps have been running dry in most campuses in the rift valley for over a month now,or is it mau

    November 12, 2009 at 9:44 AM

  • even my 15k has to be paid late,internet is no longer in anybody's mind,

    November 12, 2009 at 9:50 AM

  • Dear Lead blogger, maybe you may consider this,

    It is now the first month since lecturers signed the performance contracts. Despite their tireless efforts to meet the targets, despite their tireless efforts to cheat students that are taking genuine courses that will eventually give them valid certificates, despite some of them having walked to class from their homes, despite some of them having went ahead to ask for financial assistance from their friends in order to attend classes at DALC, there are no salaries for the month of october.

    The miserable poor fellows, woe unto them, will continue working even if they are not paid, the poor fellows, will continue cheating students even if they are not paid.

    It is reported that the Wachuka and Jaluo Erick have seen the misery they placed themselves in. They have to cross check whether each and every student submitted assignment, projects and whether they are marked. Someone commented that Wachukas eyes are growing bigger by the day, let her check herself on mirror. Ericks eyes are not all time waterly, he should have a tapping bottle for the running eyes. The task is getting difficult for the guys to talk dalk to the 19th century, oooh i forget, 23rd century.

    Just figure out this, the guy who comes to that post graduate class will earn a basic salary of 20, 000, the one who teaches upto graduate level will only earn 15, 000, the ICT guys will only earn 10,000. The rest will depend on number of assignments, CATs and projects marked. The highest paid lecturer may go home with only 22, 000.
    The lecturers will not get any allowances whhich so ever. Even cheating allowances.

    Some DALC students will admit that the salary for the highest paid lecturer is just a house allowance at their palce of work,some will admit that what a lecturer teaching at graduate level is being paid is equivalent to the pay he or she pays the househelp whose one of the major tasks is to feed the dogs, scrab its back, na pia asaidie tupuppies kunyonya incase the mother of the puppies is as mean as Oborah. This is truly an exploitation from Oborah.

    My advice to dalc lecturers: Pray to God to give you another job, repent your sins for you are all part of the congame and sinners in the eyes of God.

    November 12, 2009 at 11:05 AM

  • As for the lecturers, you get what you pay for. The lecturers are the worst culprits, particularly those passing themselves off as being post-grad. They deserve those pittance salaries because they are like Oborah, merely cons themselves.

    Mark my words, their days are numbered, and unless they choose to delete the time they spent in participating on scamming students on their CVs, they will be totally unemployable in future.

    November 12, 2009 at 5:38 PM

  • dear blog admin i thought you had a quest to accomplish how far is it?

    November 13, 2009 at 9:38 AM

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