Friday, November 6, 2009


RANDY PETE is at it again. Shuffling the staff at DALC like they were a couple of cards with the sole intention of confusing students. As of today, he claims that he is no longer involved in the day to day running of DALC and you should address your queries to a bunch of email addresses. Of course these will be replied by Oborah (Patrick Makanga is too dim to do that)  and you really have no idea of whom you are dealing with from now on.

Oborah needs to rest his ulcers and loins out of your constant nagging and badgering about:

  • this blog
  • professorships
  • fakeness
  • patrick
  • salaries
  • bills
  • refunds
  • certificates 
  • upgrades
  • jealousy
  • faith
So when  you finally realise that your 300,000 spent at DALC was a total waste of time. Don't call the man who spent it. Call his dimwitted assistant. How cool is that? HE CAN EAT, with no explanations!

Just before you email him asking if what we are saying is true, read his reply below because we took the time to email a conman (YOU ARE A CONMAN HUMPHREY OBORAH, IT IS A FACT).


I am in reception of your email with thanks. However,
I wish to inform you that effective 1st December 2009,
I will no longer be involved in the day to day running of DALC services.
For all official correspondences related to DALC,
please refer all emails to the following staff:

The Head of Finance and Administration -
Matters related to administration and Finance (
This includes Fees Payments, Invoices, Enquiries & Admissions,
Front Desk & Library Services, rents, water, electricity and
other usual admin items.

The Head of Academics – Matters related to Assignments, CATs, Projects,
Time Tables, Examinations or Curriculum AND Creativity and Innovation
( This includes all matters related to
Student Council, ICT tutors, and lecturers’ performance.

The Head of Special Services – Matters related to communications,
Bridging/Foundation/School based programmes, EAMUN, College Magazine,
Academic Documents (Transcripts, certificates, Ids, Recommendation and
Attachment Letters, Pupil Pass, Visa letters, etc) and
counselling (

Head of ICT Services – Matters related to online system and
related technical ICT services (

If you do not receive satisfactory reply/attention within 24 hours,
please feel free to email directly to me with clear information
about the nature of the service of attention and /or service not provided.

Yours sincerely,

TEL: +254 725 777 781, +254 735 777 781

See how this has no names or phone numbers, just email addresses. Who pays their hard earned money only to be told to speak to an email address? Only DALC students. Some have been rightly called DALCturds.

Oborah hopes that you fall for his latest trick and feel as if DALC is an institution with structures. In a way, it almost feels as if DALC has departments, right? If you are easily fooled, then you are already congratulating Oborah. Just like you did when he promised to launch a board of directors in the 2008 graduation.

That was in-front of 2000 people and he still junked it. He must have laughed at how easily you were all fooled by his neat trick that involved DAVY KOECH being installed by Oborah as the DALC chairman!! hahalol

So there you have it, Oborah will take your money and spend it as he pleases and then refer you to an email address. Funny how an email address is a department too.

Now talk to Oborah's puppets  (who have not been paid yet and will be fired every two months) you muppet (who still thinks DALC is cool).

P.S . lol hahaha


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